BFK Solutions, the industry leader in critical cleaning consulting, helps manufacturers achieve the best choices for reliable, value-added, cost-effective product cleaning. Ed Kanegsberg and Barbara Kanegsberg bring decades of perspective and experience, along with knowledge of the latest-and-greatest in critical cleaning options.

To get the right surface, you need value-added critical cleaning.  BFK Solutions evaluates your product, your facility, your requirements. We give you practical, achievable pathways to rugged cleaning processes.  This gives you the insight and freedom to build your product and grow your business.

We show you cleaning options, including aqueous, solvent, “non-chemical” processes, even outsourcing. We have extensive, active contacts in manufacturing, critical cleaning, contamination control, and the regulatory world.

We founded BFK Solutions in 1994 to provide solutions and options, not sales hype. We are not in the business of selling cleaning agents or cleaning equipment. We do not preach at you to use a subset of cleaning processes that are currently politically-correct. This is great for your business because we do not restrict your choices to a few products.

We’re independent consultants; we help you avoid costly mistakes.