Barbara Kanegsberg

April 2015

Procrastination and Critical Cleaning

It was back! The all-too-familiar multi-colored, cycling globe of doom dominated the screen. My lovable old computer and I waited patiently for it to go away. It didn’t. PowerPoint shut down, accompanied by the usual polite but unproductive announcement that it had to quit. “Nooooooo…! It happened again, Ed!” I […]
March 2015


For better or worse, it is human nature to resort to offensive or defensive force when the going gets tough. In manufacturing, if the soil sticks to the part, there is an automatic reaction to get angry – angry at the soil, angry at the cleaning process, angry at the […]
November 2014

The Future of Green, Safe, and Sustainable Cleaning

Ask someone involved in manufacturing, particularly a person involved in critical cleaning, about regulatory trends. The responses are apt to be strong and impassioned. Regardless of the portion of the political or environmental spectrum we occupy, we all have strong feelings. Everyone thinks we could be doing a better job […]
August 2014

U.S. EPA Residual Risk  – Trichloroethylene and Beyond

Are stronger nation-wide controls on worker exposure to trichloroethylene (TCE) likely in the near-future?  Recently, the U.S. EPA held an “Expert Public Workshop on Alternatives and Risk Reduction Approaches to Trichloroethylene (TCE) Use as a Degreaser.” I participated both as an attendee and as a presenter. I suggest that you […]
June 2014

How Much Does it Cost?

That “new car smell.” The power, the acceleration, those visions of eternal youth, of victory, of success.  New cleaning equipment comes with similar fantasies relating to business, profits, and promotions. Then comes the nagging question, asked by either you or your boss: How much does it cost? In the previous […]
May 2014

“Have You Tried this Remarkable New Cleaning Agent?” 

“It’s the best. All the big companies in aerospace, (or medical devices or telecommunications or….) use this fantastic cleaning agent.” You hear claims in advertising, from sales reps who come to your shop; from people at trade shows. Is it the right cleaning chemistry for manufacturing your product? Learn more […]
March 2014

Toxic Baby Burp

This is a call to action for all involved with US manufacturing! Cal/OSHA is proposing to set an airborne permissible worker exposure level (PEL) of 0.3 ppm time weighted average (TWA) for hydrogen chloride (HCl). If passed, this would be a lower level than 0.4 ppm recently set in California […]
March 2014

California Cleaning – A VOC Exempt Substitute for HCFC-225?

What happens in Washington does not always come to Southern California. At a February 19, 2013 meeting held at SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District), there was discussion of a proposal to add HFO-1233zd (Solstice ™, Honeywell) to the list of VOC exempt materials in Rule 102.  Based on […]
February 2014

Micro Products, Macro Changes

A few weeks ago, Larry Adams asked if I’d like to comment about critical cleaning for  “MicroManufacturing Magazine “ (see The Power of Knowledge Acted On section below). I replied: of course I would! His questions got me thinking; and I ended up discussing how critical cleaning impacts manufacturing, how […]