For better or worse, it is human nature to resort to offensive or defensive force when the going gets tough. In manufacturing, if the soil sticks […]

Handling Chemicals Safely

Most manufactured objects require chemicals during build and assembly processes. In nearly all instances, workers handle chemicals. As critical cleaning consultants, we frequently observe chemical use […]

The value of educated employees

Education is essential for your business. Training workers to follow instructions for the cleaning process is not enough. Employees from technicians to supervisors to middle and […]

The Future of Green, Safe, and Sustainable Cleaning

Ask someone involved in manufacturing, particularly a person involved in critical cleaning, about regulatory trends. The responses are apt to be strong and impassioned. Regardless of […]

Solvency —The Physics of Cleaning, Part 11

A cleaning chemistry is effective due to physical and chemical properties.  In the last issue of Clean Source (1), we discussed wetting of surfaces and explained […]

Wetting Surfaces—The Physics of Cleaning, Part 10

Summer may be almost over, but there’s still time for a splash in the pool or at the beach. Afterwards, jump into the shower to rinse […]

U.S. EPA Residual Risk  – Trichloroethylene and Beyond

Are stronger nation-wide controls on worker exposure to trichloroethylene (TCE) likely in the near-future?  Recently, the U.S. EPA held an “Expert Public Workshop on Alternatives and […]

SUR/FIN on a Tsunami

There is a positive  “sea change” of growing optimism in the product surface finishing industry. At the recent SUR/FIN conference, rather than the attitude “alas, there’s […]

How Much Does it Cost?

That “new car smell.” The power, the acceleration, those visions of eternal youth, of victory, of success.  New cleaning equipment comes with similar fantasies relating to […]

“Have You Tried this Remarkable New Cleaning Agent?” 

“It’s the best. All the big companies in aerospace, (or medical devices or telecommunications or….) use this fantastic cleaning agent.” You hear claims in advertising, from […]