Defeating Raoul—Azeotropes, The Physics of Cleaning Part 9

Blends have proven useful in improving cleaning efficacy while at the same time reducing concerns of worker exposure, environmental damage or flammability. However, in most situations, […]

Toxic Baby Burp

This is a call to action for all involved with US manufacturing! Cal/OSHA is proposing to set an airborne permissible worker exposure level (PEL) of 0.3 […]

California Cleaning – A VOC Exempt Substitute for HCFC-225?

What happens in Washington does not always come to Southern California. At a February 19, 2013 meeting held at SCAQMD (South Coast Air Quality Management District), […]

Micro Products, Macro Changes

A few weeks ago, Larry Adams asked if I’d like to comment about critical cleaning for  “MicroManufacturing Magazine “ (see The Power of Knowledge Acted On […]

EPA Changes Direction—Again

Sometimes, a change of direction is a good thing. The phaseout of HCFC-225 is set for January 1, 2015.  Restrictions will impact manufacturing because either you […]

Process Flow

29 people coming to dinner? No problem! I thought it was all under control. The apple and pumpkin pies were cooling nicely. The turkeys were out […]

Active California Advisory System Needed –  1 ppm PEL for NMP

The Cal/OSHA Standards Board recently adopted a Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) of 1 ppm for N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP). This PEL will be legally-enforceable throughout California. Because there […]


Yellow, Orange, Gold – Rust! Beautiful as autumn colors, desirable as a patina on some sculptures, terrible on manufactured parts. Corrosion compromises product quality, both by […]

Standards and Regs (and Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh my!)

Standards and safety/environmental regulations shape the way product is manufactured. Here’s a “heads-up” about new and ongoing activities: Cleaning of Surfaces (ISO Working Group) Medical Device […]

The Physics of Cleaning, Part 8: Builders

Oil and water do not mix (at least not readily); so how can manufacturers successfully remove oil from product using water? The key is in the […]