Clean Source – Knowledge Is Power

Volume XIII, Issue 9 - September 2016

Who knew cleaning could be cool?

Medical Device Manufacturer
Attendee at critical cleaning workshop

In this issue: Knowledge is Power

Meet with us and hear us speak – critical cleaning IS cool
• two workshops on cleaning and cleaning validation
• two programs for electronics assemblers
• a climate risk workshop 

In print/online
• Ten practical ideas for better surface preparation and cleaning
• Crucial clarification about ISO- 14644 Parts 9, 10, and 13 -  particulate and chemical residue on surfaces
• Does the cleaning agent work?

About BFK Solutions

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BFK Solutions at SMTAI, Rosemont, IL – Sept. 26 – 29
Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg will present “Ultrasonics as an Option for Electronics Assembly Cleaning,” Thursday September 29 at 8:30 A.M. in the Manufacturing Excellence Track, Session MFX7.  To speak with us directly at the conference, please text “The Cleaning Lady” at 310-344-2061 or “The Rocket Scientist” at 310-614-7111. Program registration:

Relatively Painless Cleaning Validation – Oct. 5 – 7, New Brunswick, NJ
Cleaning validation is a source of discomfort, particularly for those in medical device manufacture, pharma, and food. It’s not surprising. With all the attention focused on design, formulation, and product development, cleaning and scaling up the cleaning process to production level may be treated as an afterthought. Before diving into a cleaning validation, you need to achieve cleaning validation readiness –  combine your thoughtfully-designed product with reliable, defendable critical cleaning processes.

Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg will present “Quality Critical Cleaning and Cleaning Validation Processes,” a new, 3 day certified CfPA course that helps lower your stress level by getting you up to speed on critical cleaning, surface analysis, standards, and regulatory issues. To register

Relatively Painless Cleaning Validation    Nov 15 – 17,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
You don’t have to travel to the States, we’ll present the same workshop in the Netherlands.

Los Angeles/Orange County Technical Expo – November 3, Long Beach CA
Ask the experts at the panel discussion “Meeting the Challenges of Effective Cleaning/Defluxing in Southern California,” chaired by Barbara “The Cleaning Lady.” Expert participants include Julie Field of Technical Devices Company, Naveen Radindran of Zestron, Gilbert Roberge of Inventec Performance Chemicals, and Paul Petruna of Sirco Industrial Inc. Our panel discussions give you a great chance to learn a lot about your cleaning issues in a short amount of time.  This FREE one day expo and tech forum is well worth your time.

Climate Risk Workshop, Maine
Stay ahead of the curve and be proactive by attending the “1st Annual International Technical Workshop on Climate Risk.” The workshop will provide you with the many facets of concerns and potential actions involved in climate risk.  Barb Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg will present Thinking Outside the Box and Outside the Periodic Table.” Barb is also on the steering committee for the program. To register for the October 20 – 21 workshop in Wells, Maine.

In Print/Online

Action Items for Better Pretreatment and Cleaning – CFCM
If  the coating doesn’t stick, if the surface treatment fails, poor cleaning is a likely suspect. In  “Ten Action Items for Better Pretreatment and Cleaning,” Barbara “The Cleaning Lady” dispenses no-nonsense advice to help you avoid or correct cleaning and coating problems. Read the article in CFCM, Canadian Finishing & Coating Manufacturing, September/October 2016 issue.

Same Page? Same Surface? – Read about ISO 14644, Controlled Environments Magazine
If you are concerned with critical cleaning of high value product, if you work with contract manufacturers, you will benefit from reading “The Awful English Language.” ISO 14644 Parts 9, 10, and 13 apply to particle and chemical residue on surfaces in cleanrooms. Barbara is a U.S. ISO Expert involved in standard development; she explains what surfaces are included – and, even more important, which ones are excluded.

Does the Cleaning Agent Work?
Cleaning is a process. In the August issue of Product Finishing Magazine, Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg focus on the cleaning agent itself. Choosing the right cleaning agent (aqueous or solvent) involves a number of factors. The cleaning agent must meet safety and environmental requirements. It must not destroy the surface, or you have rather defeated the purpose of surface prep. It has to be cost-effective; and most of all, it has to remove soils effectively.