You have a great product – How can you build your business?
The world of manufacturing needs effective products for critical cleaning, including cleaning chemistries and equipment.  While the field can be lucrative, the barriers to introduction of new products are high. Expanding existing products to new markets can be difficult – a product may be “type-cast.” Customers may be so accustomed to use a particular product that they don’t even consider your product – and your product may be better!

Independence, practical experience, expertise
BFK Solutions are not your sales reps, we’re not your distributors; and we’re not part of your company – that’s why you need us. We work with cleaning agent and cleaning equipment companies on a contractual, project basis, not on the basis of sales, commissions or referral fees.  Because we don’t accept commissions or referral fees and because we have an encompassing outside perspective, BFK Solutions is in a great position to provide an accurate assessment of your product performance, of regulatory hurdles, and of actual customer performance requirements and impressions. We tell you what the market IS, not what you hope it will be. We show you real opportunities for growth. We guide our clients toward successful product introduction and expansion.

Critical Cleaning Products
As the industry leaders in critical cleaning consulting, BFK Solutions is proud to support producers of products for critical cleaning. 

Aqueous cleaning chemistries
Solvent blends
Janitorial surface cleaners
Chemical additives
Aqueous cleaning systems
Solvent cleaning systems
Distillation equipment
Residual Contamination Monitoring Systems

How we can help
At BFK Solutions, Barbara, “The Cleaning Lady”, and Ed, “The Rocket Scientist”, find that customized projects get the job done and are cost effective. We sit down with you to figure out what you need to bring your product to full potential.

Examples of our activities are:

Analyze relative competitive positions
Outline barriers to implementation
Evaluate product performance on-site
Determine how well potential customers think the product works
Set up and review standard and analytical tests
Review customer specifications
Determine roadblocks in specifications and standards
Evaluate toxicity studies
Evaluate environmental studies (eg. relative reactivity for VOC exemption)
Develop marketing strategies
Obtain formulation/packaging partners
Focus your employees with on-site and on-line workshops, brainstorming sessions
Provide support in intellectual property issues
Review and assess safety and environmental regulatory issues
Review and assess product safety and product performance issues
Write and present technical papers