Equipment, Electronics Rework
A client designed equipment that provides consistent rework of high-value electronics assemblies. Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg provided guidance during product development and continue to review beta site testing and customer evaluations.

Aqueous Cleaning Agent, Reality Check
Not all products are promising. Another client had designed an environmentally-preferred cleaning agent and requested an assessment by BFK Solutions. Our review of product performance indicated that the product did not clean effectively. We provided the client with a dispassionate assessment.

Sponsored Paper, Cleaning Equipment
The client asked us to write a case study outlining how a client adopted specialized cleaning equipment. Since our name would be associated with the paper, we followed our policy of writing the paper independently, to the extent that we asked the client to be absent during discussions with the customer. The client’s trust was rewarded with a paper that was far more convincing than any advertising.

Barbara, I really like working with you. We get much more information from you than we do from our lab rats; and it costs a lot less to work with you than it does to feed the rats.
Paul Fauss
Albemarle Corporation, (retired)