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Volume XII, Issue 3

March 2015

Feature Article: Forceful (the role of physical force in cleaning)

Knowledge is Power: Use It

New column in Product Finishing
Presentations in OH, NY, IL

“I have been in the surfactant industry for 30 years, but continue to learn more about the cleaning industry from BFK Solutions, LLC. I always find a little nugget that leads to an “aha” moment or an 'I should have known that' epiphany.
Thank you for your dedication to the trade.  You are appreciated!”

Denise Cooper
Technical Manager - Cleaning Additives
PCC Chemax, Inc



Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions LLC

For better or worse, it is human nature to resort to offensive or defensive force when the going gets tough.  In manufacturing, if the soil sticks to the part, there is an automatic reaction to get angry - angry at the soil, angry at the cleaning process, angry at the world. You scrub a little harder, keep scrubbing for a little longer. Critical cleaning processes, on the other hand, require finesse and planning – think of it as diplomacy in manufacturing. You have to decide on the type of force, and then control the way that force is used. This includes the strength and duration.

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In Writing

“Some Like it Hotter”
We have a new column, “Kanegsbergs on Cleaning,” in Process Finishing Magazine.  Read about the effects of temperature on cleaning, both positive and negative, in the March issue

“FDA Additive Manufacturing Workshop”
Ed and Barb Kanegsberg’s discussion of a recent FDA workshop is in the newest issue of Controlled Environments Magazine. The FDA and the medical device community, as well as other manufacturers of 3D printed parts, is concerned with issues of cleaning and contamination control associated with additive manufacturing technology.

In Person

Avoid Cleaning Catastrophes; come to Parts Cleaning Expo (PCx), 2015
Hear Barbara Kanegsberg present “Cleaning Catastrophes and How You Can Avoid Them.” Hear this informative and entertaining talk at Parts Cleaning Expo (PCx) which takes place April 21 – 23, 2015 in Columbus OH.

Learn about cleaning and enjoy the scenery
Barbara and Ed will present “Critical cleaning and surface quality of what gets shipped out the door of the cleanroom” at the Upstate NY chapter of the IEST, Spring 2015 technical seminar. The seminar is Thursday, June 4 at the Canandaigua Inn on The Lake, Canandaigua, NY. The snow will have melted by then.

Sur/Fin 2015
The Kanegsbergs return to SUR/FIN June 8-10, Rosemont, IL. They will present two talks, “Cleaning Extreme Surfaces,” and “New Studies -  Improve Your Ultrasonic Cleaning Process.” Look for further details in the April 2015 issue of Clean Source.

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