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Volume XI, Issue 7

July 2014


Feature Article - SUR/FIN on a Tsunami  - Surface Finishing

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SUR/FIN on a Tsunami

Ed Kanegsberg and Barbara Kanegsberg

There is a positive  “sea change” of growing optimism in the product surface finishing industry. At the recent SUR/FIN conference, rather than the attitude “alas, there’s a whale sitting on me, I’m stuck under water, what can I do?” we heard, “oh!, there’s a whale sitting on me, so I’m going to push it off; then I’ll swim to my production goal.” 

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… and announces: “Our best customer is complaining about contaminated product. Go pick out a new cleaning machine.” Your goal is not just to purchase a new cleaning system. Your goal is to achieve critical cleaning. Discover ways to effectively test new cleaning systems The Applications Laboratory, Parts 1 and 2,  in the May and June 2014 Issues of “Controlled Environments Magazine.” (See the website for a free subscription.)


Pharma and Medical Device Program – Conference Discount
Hear “The Cleaning Lady” and “The Rocket Scientist” at “Cleaning Validation and Critical Cleaning Processes,” an IVT program scheduled for August 19 – 21 in San Diego. We’ll present “Minimizing Risk of Unexpected or Adherent Residues.”

Because residual contaminants pose risks for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, detecting and minimizing the “usual suspects” is a given. However, as product performance becomes more sophisticated, an even greater challenge is detecting and removing the “unusual suspects.” We’ll show attendees why residues are adherent or may not be detected and how to set up, maintain, and monitor reliable, effective processes for critical cleaning.

For a conference discount ($500 prior to June 27 and $300 after June 27), please contact us to obtain a “Faculty Appreciation Voucher.”

FDA Public Workshop  - Additive Manufacturing, Medical Devices
The FDA will hold a public workshop with interactive discussion on technical considerations of 3D printing of medical devices. 

“The purpose of this workshop is to provide a forum for FDA, medical device manufactures, additive manufacturing companies, and academia to discuss technical challenges and solutions of 3D printing.  The Agency would like input regarding technical assessments that should be considered for additively manufactured devices to provide a transparent evaluation process for future submissions.”

Critical cleaning is an important factor in device manufacture; and Ed Kanegsberg has been asked to be a break out session moderator. We think you should consider attending the conference. And, of course, we’d love to discuss this important issue with us.

The workshop will be held October 8 – 9, 2014 at the FDA White Oak Campus in Silver Spring, MD. You can arrange to attend on-site or participate on-line.

Call for Papers – PCx
The call for papers for PCx 2015 is now open. Suggested topics for the Parts Cleaning Conference include cleaning fundamentals, environmental issues, assessing cleaning quality, and cleaning specifications, and new cleaning processes and technologies. The Precision Cleaning Expo will be April 21 – 21, 2015 in Columbus, OH. Submit abstracts by August 1, 2014. Please contact Allison Miller, Director of Events, Gardner Publications.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Manufacturing Growth

Critical cleaning, value-added cleaning, saves money, improves yield, and enhances the bottom line. Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg, consultants at BFK Solutions, provide “Clean Source” as a resource for the manufacturing community. 

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