Market Development

Expansion of applications, Aqueous Cleaning Chemistries
BFK Solutions worked with the manufacturer of cleaning chemistries on plans to expand from their traditional manufacturing sectors into high-technology fields, including biomedical applications. We reviewed the potential market and the risks associated with the proposed change.    Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg reviewed the product line and suggested more promising areas for expansion.

Aqueous Cleaning Agent, Expansion to Military applications
The client had designed a safer, environmentally-preferred cleaning agent for consumer use.  BFK Solutions tested the performance in industrial and military applications. We presented the results to a military group and outlined the potential for growth to the client.

Cleaning agent, customer specifications
The client was introducing an environmentally-preferred cleaning solvent. BFK Solutions assessed climate for customer acceptance, with emphasis on specifications that might prove barriers to introduction of the product. We provided an review of  primary and smaller customers in the area of interest. 

Equipment Evaluation, non-chemical cleaning
The client, a manufacturer of non-chemical cleaning equipment, wanted to expand to wider application and was meeting customer resistance. In some instances, we were able to address the problem; the equipment was found acceptable. In other cases, the cleaning technique was not the right one for the job; this information allowed the client to concentrate on more readily-accepted applications.