Getting the right surface properties for metal parts depends on the metal, the lubricants and rouges that are used, the surface treatment, the assembly processes, and the end-use requirements of the product.

At BFK Solutions, we have experience and expertise in cleaning metals and alloys at all stages of the manufacturing process. We provide consulting services at all levels of the supply chain. We evaluate the process flow and cleaning processes starting with initial forging, drawing, and stamping through final assembly and packaging.  The products range from miniature parts, where hundreds may fit in the palm of our hand to parts that require heavy equipment to lift. 

Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg, “The Cleaning Lady and The Rocket Scientist” work on metal cleaning projects that include:

Contract manufacturers
We work clients who have a wide range of product made from many different metals. They may have to satisfy the requirements of many different customers. We help them with cost-effective processes that achieve cleanliness requirements.

Surface preparation prior to coating
Many of our clients need excellent surface preparation for a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including light metals.  Many clients see not only traditional petroleum-based lubricants but also synthetic, semi-synthetic, and bio-based lubricants. They must remove these fluids without damaging the surface; and the coating has to adhere reliably to the surface.

Final assembly
Clients often assemble products or complex components that contain many different metals that may have specific finishes. There may be not only metal components but also other materials such as composites, polymers, optics, and adhesives. BFK Solutions helps clients with such challenges as avoiding materials compatibility problems, achieving high quality cleaning processes, and meeting cleanliness and contamination control requirements.

Environmental/safety regulatory requirements
Clients may be restricted in their process options. Depending on the location, there may be wastewater and/or air emissions issues. Regulations may make clients initially feel that they have to compromise cost, quality, and performance. Over the past two decades, we have succeeded in helping our clients find, set up and maintain cost-effective cleaning and surface prep processes meet or exceed requirements and that don’t compromise quality.

Medical Devices
At BFK Solutions, we work with start-up companies that are looking to scale up production. We also work with established companies with validation challenges or process control problems including groups facing unavoidable changes in materials of construction and process fluids. We help clients avoid regulatory issues. We expedite resolution of regulatory problems. We help clients achieve rugged, rational, defendable processes that can be readily validated and maintained. Our education and experience in the biological sciences combined with our expertise in developing high-value devices provides a practical perspective.

At BFK Solutions, we have a solid background in aerospace. Our experience allows us to help groups with aerospace, aeronautic, and military applications to achieve  critical cleaning processes that exceed mission-critical requirements. We help clients with new product that meet customer requirements and that put the client in a favorable position relative to the competition. We investigate contamination and product performance problems, determine the root causes, and develop approaches to correct the problem. Once the problem is fixed, we set up monitoring, education, and training programs so that our clients avoid future problems.

3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing
Companies that make components, products, and devices that include 3D printed parts face cleaning challenges. BFK Solutions works with clients doing 3D printing combined with post-printing processing. We help clients achieve reliable cleaning processes that assure low levels of particle and thin film contamination.  Because 3D printed products are new, we help clients to set up rational, achievable in-house cleanliness requirements.