Volume XIII, Issue 5 - May 2016

Colorful Cocktail

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Dr. Darren Williams of Sam Houston State University will join Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg at the BFK Solutions/SHSU Surface Prep Clinic, Booth 103.
June 6-8, Las Vegas
Hear about new blends at Session 3, Tuesday, June 7.

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William Lewis, PhD

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Feature Article

Salad Dressing and “Layered” Cocktails

Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions
During a recent cleaning and chemistry course, a student asked a thought-provoking question about solubility, miscibility, and cocktail hour. I explained that some liquids, like oil and water, are immiscible. That is, they don’t form a “single phase;” the oil is on top of the water. The observant student wondered if this was what went on with fancy mixed drinks, where beverages of different colors are layered. Well, not quite, I said. So, he asked, what’s going on? I’ll share the answer with all of you. Once you understand the chemistry of oil and water, layered drinks, and mayonnaise, you’ll have a better understanding of how your cleaning chemistry does the job (or maybe doesn’t do the job!)
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