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Volume XV, Issue 6 - June 2018

The Product Quality Cleaning Workshop “was an excellent opportunity to gather additional information and to network with other people in the industry. I have already recommended to several others I know that they should attend the next session in 2020.  

John Filip
Product Management CLI / Account Manager
Ecoclean, Inc.

The regulatory landscape - take control

Uncertain safety/environment regulations can result in delayed action. Delayed action means ineffective, outdated cleaning processes. Take control of your cleaning processes and your manufacturing goals. Contact BFK Solutions, we shine a light on your regulatory challenges. We show you your best prospects to exceed product quality requirements, satisfy customers requirements, and manufacture profitably.

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Feature Article

EPA Lautenberg Update - A Window of Opportunity

Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg

The EPA is further scrutinizing cleaning solvents trichloroethylene (TCE), perchloroethylene (PCE, tetrachloroethylene), methylene chloride (MC), n-methyl-pyrrolidone (NMP), and n-propyl bromide (nPB, 1-bromopropane). We discussed EPA actions in the February issue of Clean Source.  Now, the EPA has published new documents relating to these solvents and five other chemicals and has opened a comment period that ends July 26th.

Take action! Let the EPA know if you have a responsible, non-emissive process, including cleaning. The five chemicals are aggressive (that’s partly why they are useful for cleaning). They must be used responsibly. It’s not just the chemical - it’s the process. There are many ways to use the five chemicals - some pose little or no risk to people or the environment. The EPA ought to hear about those excellent processes so they can concentrate on the “bad actors.”  We give you an example of a good process, where to find the new documents, and where to make comments.

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Prevent corrosion after cleaning

Metal parts corrode. The most you can do is to slow the rate of corrosion. Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg discuss how you can remain competitive by addressing the issue of corrosion. Read their column in the May issue of Production Machining Magazine.

Are the coatings adhering?

Hear about how cleaning, surface quality, and coating are interconnected. Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg will be the presenters at the September 26 dinner meeting of the Southern California Chapter of the American Vacuum Society. The meeting will take place at ZC&R Coatings in Torrance. Further details will be available later this summer.

PCx 2019 is on the horizon

The biannual Parts Cleaning Conference is moving to Cleveland next year, April 2-4. A call for presentations from Gardner Business Media is expected in July. We will keep you posted.  Have an idea for a talk? 

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