Volume XII, Issue 5 - May 2015

Fire on water

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“Fire and Water – Acetone”

Knowledge is Power - Use it

Hear Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg in New York at IEST and Rosemont IL at SUR/FIN

Barbara Kanegsberg gave me the best solution I’ve seen for anyone in my industry. She didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear; but she did tell me what I needed to hear.
Pat Maluso, Plant Manager
Western Hydrostatics, Inc

Feature Article

Fire and Water - Acetone

Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions LLC
I was in the middle of my program “Cleaning Catastrophes” at the Parts Cleaning Expo (PCx) in Columbus. The sea of faces in the audience brightened expectantly when I began the topic of mixing acetone with water or with aqueous cleaners. I had to squelch everyone’s enthusiasm by explaining that mixing acetone or any other flammable solvent with an aqueous cleaner is a particularly dangerous idea. In fact, making “do it yourself” improvements in the cleaning process by blending your own cleaning agents from ingredients found around the manufacturing plant is not a good idea.

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Knowledge Is Power

Learn about cleaning and enjoy the scenery

Barbara and Ed will present “Critical cleaning and surface quality of what gets shipped out the door of the cleanroom” at the Upstate NY chapter of the IEST, Spring 2015 technical seminar. The seminar is Thursday, June 4 at the Canandaigua Inn on The Lake, Canandaigua, NY.  The cost is only $75 for the day (includes breaks, lunch, and networking reception), $50 for IEST members. For more information contact Christine Share,  ShareCM@Corning.com and ask for the seminar flyers. Or look for it on the IEST website after May 15 http://www.iest.org/Membership/Chapters/Upstate-New-York-Chapter

Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist at SUR/FIN

Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg will have two presentations and a booth at SUR/FIN in Rosemont, IL, June 8 – 10, 2015.

“Cleaning Extreme Surfaces”
Barbara & Ed Kanegsberg
Tuesday June 9, 4 P.M, Session 6.

“New Studies – Improve Your Ultrasonic Cleaning Process”
Ed Kanegsberg
Wednesday June10, 11 A.M., Session 13.

Visit us at Booth 1129.

Do you have questions about ultrasonics or cleaning extreme surfaces that perhaps you didn’t want to ask during our programs? Would you like to to discuss your critical cleaning applications? Would you like to learn more about critical cleaning, surface quality, and more effective manufacturing? Stop by and have a chat with the Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist.

Pharmaceutical Opportunities at the Interface

Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg discuss how well-established standards and best practices in pharmaceutical manufacturing provide both barriers and opportunities for innovation in cleaning processes. The article is in the April issue of Controlled Environments Magazine


In the current issue of Controlled Environments Magazine, Stephen Lyon, Barbara Kanegsberg, and Ed Kanegsberg explain how biofilms impact cleaning and contamination control in cleanrooms and throughout manufacturing operations.

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