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Volume XV, Issue 2 - February 2018

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We discuss your manufacturing goals and your regulatory concerns. We help you view the regulatory landscape from your perspective. While no one can predict the future (especially future regulations), we can help you illuminate regulatory challenges and opportunities relative to product quality requirements, customer requirements, and manufacturing productivity.

Feature Article

EPA Happenings - What’s the Impact on Critical Cleaning

Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

Be brave! Read about developments at the EPA. It will be fun - sort of. Welcome to the giant multi-dimensional Sudoku puzzle in the sky. Regulations, both safety and environmental, are so complex and fluid that they result in a monumental headache for manufacturers. Two EPA developments may result in the availability of new and established cleaning agents and therefore can affect your cleaning process, your product quality, and your profitability. I have simplified the discussion so as not to drive you to distraction. If you want to talk about how these changes might impact you, give me a call.

One development is EPA prioritization of the timeline at which existing chemicals are regulated under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA). The second is a court ruling that would change the scope of authority of the EPA Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program.

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Knowledge is Power

Product Quality Cleaning Workshop in Texas – Be The Squeaky Wheel

The squeaky wheel gets the most from the Product Quality Cleaning Workshop, May 16-17 at Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX.  We’ve been getting calls requesting specific topics, demonstrations, and hands-on activities for the workshop. The truth is that the squeaky wheel gets the best workshop.  We like squeaky wheels.  Call us!

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Barbara the Cleaning Lady at ESTECH, Florida

A cleanroom is an essential tool – not an end in itself.  Barbara Kanegsberg will instruct a one day training course on May 3, “Cleanrooms Won’t Fix a Contaminated Product,” as part of the IEST Learning Path Certificate Program during their 64th Annual Technical Meeting and Exposition, ESTECH 2018.

Critical cleaning of the diverse, complex, high-value products that are produced in controlled environments is a different discipline than cleaning the cleanroom itself. The course teaches the essentials of product cleaning, including final cleaning and cleaning prior to activities in cleanrooms. You will learn about analytics, monitoring, and distinctions between cleanroom and product cleanliness standards.

Barbara was a US expert on the ISO/TC 209-12 committee that developed the recently published Part 13 of the ISO 14644 Cleanroom Standard series. She will discuss essential information about ISO-14644-9, -10, and -13.

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Cleanliness Tests

Sometimes, an inexpensive cleanliness test does the job. When inexpensive does not give the answers, judicious spending on the right analytical tests can save money. Read Ed and Barb Kanegsberg’s column   “Choosing Appropriate Cleaning Tests.” It appears in the February issue of Production Machining Magazine.

I enjoyed the heck out of your speech at the PCx show. Informative and yet entertaining.

Tom Kucklick
Graymills Corporation

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