Volume XIII, Issue 3 - March 2016


Why we write Clean Source

Since we’re discussing technical information and advertising, this is as good a time as any to discuss our two motivations for writing “Clean Source.” We send you this newsletter for free to give you practical information about cleaning processes and manufacturing.  We’re a consulting company, so we also want to remind you that we are experts in critical cleaning, contamination control, and manufacturing.  We’re not sales reps; we don’t take commissions or referral fees; we are paid by our clients. We want you to think of us when you need help; we would like you to hire us to help you.

We have a few business-related “life goals.” We want to make the world better – to us, that means safer, more productive, and more beautiful. So, if you gain useful information from our newsletter or articles or presentations, that’s wonderful! If you have a topic you’d like to see us tackle, let us know.

Feature Article

Think Critically, Clean Critically - “Native Advertising” Part 1

Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

To me, “native advertising” evokes the cast of “Madmen” in vintage business suits and starched white shirts sitting cross-legged, somberly thumping on bongo drums with one hand and hoisting diet sodas with the other. Native advertising is not exotic; it is an example of how the line between fact and hype is getting harder to discern.

If you manufacture product, if you are involved in critical cleaning, understanding the ways in which you are being influenced will help you to make better decisions.  Click the link below to learn more about:

Native advertising
Traditional advertising

Product literature


Trade magazines


Outreach by government agencies, non-profits and trade organizations

Peer reviewed articles

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Knowledge Is Power

We want to keep Clean Source readily-digestible, so we’ve split off the “Knowledge is Power” section. In a week or so, we’ll get you the latest about conferences, articles, and other happenings.

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