Volume XIII, Issue 6 - June 2016


Who knew cleaning could be cool?
UCLA Cleaning Workshop
Always Question Authority – Including BFK Solutions
Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg

We hear you!

We go to conferences and workshops because we always learn new things from the programs – and we learn from attendees like you. We spoke with about 100 people at SURFIN (a wonderful metal finishing conference);  they asked about better processes for surface prep/critical cleaning. They want to hear about

Yield improvement
New opportunities (eg. medical devices, 3D printing)
Regulatory changes
Understanding new, modified, and older cleaning agents
Picking the right cleaning machines
Training/educating your workers

Look for these topics in upcoming issues of Clean Source. We’ll tell you about more training/educational opportunities for you as well.

Feature Article

“Native Advertising” Part 2 - Regulatory Agendas and More

Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

Think critically; clean critically. To grow your manufacturing business, you must make well-informed, cost-effective decisions about critical product cleaning. Consider the source. Advertising influences our critical cleaning decisions – it’s unavoidable. In our March 2016 issue of Clean Source, we described the pervasive influence of native advertising. We showed you how to spot the commercialism in product literature, advertorials, trade magazines, as well as in many webinars and seminars.

What you may not realize is that similar attempts to influence your business decisions, can also be found in

Outreach by government agencies
Non-profit and trade organizations
Peer-reviewed papers

Here are ways to avoid making the wrong decisions about cleaning and surface preparation by spotting the agendas and guidelines about who you can trust.

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