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Volume XIV, Issue 8 - September 2017

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Feature - Elephants and Cleaning Agents
Upcoming Events - Life sciences course, cleaning workshop, California Expo

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Elephants and Cleaning Agents

Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

A veteran salesman  tells reps to avoid four utterances. The first is “problem;” the second is “contract;” the third is “selling/signing up.”  And the forth is (drum roll, please!) … chemical (1).  Is a chemical more negative than hurricane, famine, or war?

The chemical is the elephant in the room
Chemicals are essential in manufacturing everything from turbines to precision optics to medical devices.  But we replace the word chemical with a variety of euphemisms. The problem (or should we say “the issue”) is that euphemisms can mask the purpose of the chemical.  We don’t haul away hazardous waste; we have an “environmental solution.” We don’t use chemicals to shape metal; we apply  “metalworking fluids.”

The terms for chemicals used to remove soils from the surface of a part are even more creative. A mixture of water and other chemicals is a  “biodegradable fully-formulated aqueous blend.” An organic compound (a chemical that contains carbon) or mixture of organic compounds is not called a solvent; it becomes an “environmentally responsible performance fluid.”

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Knowledge is Power

In Person, Virtual, or Recorded Workshop: “Quality Critical Cleaning and Cleaning Validation Processes”

To help you achieve successful cleaning validation, join us at our interactive 3 day certified CfPA course. The focus is on life science applications including medical, pharma,  cosmetics and food processing. Attend the October 16 – 18 course in New Brunswick NJ in person or via a virtual connection option. Save 10% with discount code: CD508.

Two-day Hands-on Cleaning Workshop   – May, 2018

Darren Williams of Sam Houston State University (SHSU) will partner with Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg of BFK Solutions to present the “Product Quality Cleaning Workshop.” The program combines teaching and hands-on testing in the lab/demonstration area, so you understand the principles of cleaning and see how cleaning processes actually work.  The workshop is on the SHSU campus in Huntsville, TX, May 16 – 17, 2018.  Check the website and brochure; you can also contact us for more information.

Tech Expo, Southern California
The Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist are pleased to present “Effective Cleaning Approaches for Southern California Electronics Assemblers,” one of three technical sessions at LA/OC SMTA 7th Annual Expo & Tech Forum.  The one-day program takes place November 2, 2017 in Long Beach, CA.  The expo is always educational  – and fun.

You've sent me lots of good information.  You've more than done what you contracted to do.  I'm overwhelmed with the amount of time you spent.

William Lewis
California Hardcoating Company

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