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Volume XV, Issue 8 - August 2018

Barbara, you've done so much for the industry and have such a sense about working with people.  I honor you and wish to do my best to follow in your footsteps, although I believe it's impossible.

John Moore
Daetec LLC

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Feature Article

Critical Cleaning, Trade Shows and The Mall

Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

You are off to a trade show to find a great critical cleaning process. I’ve run across a few articles about what to do to make the most of a particular show. Planning and conference apps and checklists are a start; but they won’t give you the full benefits.
Effective shopping and good science
I think trade shows activate the “shopping gene.” As one who grew up in the family retail business, was educated in science, and then went into manufacturing, I can confidently assert that activating the shopping gene is a plus. Whether you live to shop or the mere idea of shopping makes you break out in hives and puts your brain into a stupor, here are some shopping tips for a scientific, process-based approach to trade shows.

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Critical Cleaning Handbook and Efficient Shopping
For more on making profitable decisions about cleaning chemistries and equipment, read Chapter 1: “Evaluating, Choosing and Implementing the Process: How to Get Vendors to Work with You”, by Barbara Kanegsberg in The Handbook for Critical Cleaning Second Edition, Volume 2: Applications, Processes, and Controls, B. Kanegsberg and E. Kanegsberg, editors, CRC Press 2011. Available in hardbound, paperbound, and electronic formats. Ordering information

What could possibly go wrong in a vacuum?
Plenty! Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg will present “Cleaning, Adhesion, and Productivity” at the Southern California Chapter of the American Vacuum Society. The September 26th dinner meeting is at ZC&R Coatings in Torrance. Details for registration will be available soon. If you are not on the SCCAVS mailing list, contact us or send a note to

PCx 2019 abstracts due in September
The biannual Parts Cleaning Conference, sponsored by Gardner Business Media, is moving to Cleveland next year, April 2-4. Have an idea for a talk? Abstracts are due September 30, 2018.

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