Volume XIII, Issue 1 - January 2016

Boat Dock w/ No Water

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Be Selfish – Conserve Water

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Feature Article

Be Selfish – Conserve Water

Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions
Cousin Samantha (Sam) insisted, “you’ve got to take a look at Lake Mendocino; it will change your whole outlook.” We were in Northern California for a winter break. I groaned inwardly. I know about the drought in California. I wanted to do a wine tasting, not look at a lake. Cousin Sam is a really persistent lady; so we piled into our relatively environmentally-sensitive Prius and drove over. Yikes! Lake Mendicino had turned into Mendocino Mud Puddle. The water’s edge begins a good 100 feet beyond the end of the boat launch dock. Yup, we’re in a drought.

In terms of critical product cleaning, I think many well-intentioned water conservation efforts miss the point. Manufacturers have been admonished to fix the plumbing, rip out lawns and replace them with “water-wise” landscapes, and even use grey water for landscaping. In critical cleaning of high value parts, controlling water quality makes good sense from a quality and economic perspective. Saving water makes economic sense even if your manufacturing plant is covered with snow or your landscaping is covered with moss.

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Knowledge Is Power


Rocket Scientist Explains How Water Works in Manufacturing
Do you think you understand water? Water is all around us; we take it for granted. However, the simple chemical structure  of water leads to fascinating chemical and physical properties that are valuable in manufacturing.  Let Ed (The Rocket Scientist) take you on a magical mystery tour through the unusual structure and properties of water. He’ll explain the impact of these properties on surface cleaning and other manufacturing applications. You’ll be entertained; and you might just end up with more effective, profitable processes.

Title: Fascinating- and Valuable – Properties of Water
Date: Thursday February 11, 2016, 5:30 P.M.
Location: Tartan Room, Orange CA


Ultrasonic Evolution
Ultrasonic cleaning — cleaning with high frequency sound waves — has become a staple of the laboratory and of the manufacturing facility for generations. Ultrasonic systems have changed. Recent experiments conducted by Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg show that what we teach about ultrasonics ought to change. Read about how to use today’s ultrasonics to best advantage in the December 2015 issue of “Controlled Environments Magazine.”


Solvent Degreasing
“Kanegsbergs on Cleaning: Solvent Degreasing”  appears in the November 2015 issue of  Products Finishing Magazine. Both solvent and aqueous cleaning agents can be effective cleaners. However, many of the soils that need to be removed are organic compounds, like grease, thus the term ‘degreasers’. Not only do organic solvents have greater solvency for organic soils, they also frequently have low surface tension and viscosity, allowing them to penetrate into tight spaces. The more you understand how degreasers work, the easier it is to put together an effective critical cleaning process.


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