Volume XIV, Issue 4 - April 2017

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Feature: Do you have to test?

Knowledge is Power: Meet us in Columbus

You had a great rapport and connection with the group. Both of you came across as being very knowledgeable and experienced in what you do. You demonstrated that there’s no simple solution and one size doesn’t fit all.
Steve Derman
Medishare Environmental Health & Safety Services

Feature Article

Do You Have to Test?

Barbara Kanegsberg

One Clean Source reader asked a question about the need to run cleanliness testing.

“Have you ever written an article that explains why/not ionic contamination testing is required if using no-clean fluxes?”

In a global sense, the question is related to: How clean is clean enough? When do you need to do cleanliness testing? What tests do you need to pass?  Manufacturers often groan at the thought of testing, because it  takes time and money. The answer applies to metal fabrication and finishing, optics, medical devices, aerospace - all sorts of applications, not only electronics. We haven’t yet written a full article, but we can provide a few ideas about testing. The answer is complex and application-dependent; and the principles of why ionic contamination testing might or might not be required can be applied to the need for testing of all manner of residual soils.

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Knowledge is Power

Cleaning Conference (PCx), April in Columbus
Achieve efficient manufacturing with great critical cleaning processes! Meet with Ed and Barb Kanegsberg and Darren Williams. Hear us at the conference; visit our booth.

Meet with Us Directly at Booth 1528

Talk with Ed Kanegsberg, Barb Kanegsberg, consultants at BFK Solutions LLC and Professor Darren Williams, Sam Houston State University. Tell us about your cleaning problems; we’re happy to share ideas for better product surface quality.

Participate in the Conference

“Top Five Chemistry Concepts for Cleaning”
Darren Williams will illuminate the five most important chemistry concepts for effective cleaning. The general topics of surface chemistry, soil characterization, and cleaner properties will be addressed from a chemist’s perspective. The presentation will move the participants from a very basic understanding to an intermediate level of knowledge about their process chemistries. (Tue. April 25, 9:00 A.M.)

“Cleaning CSI: Understand and Improve the Process”
Whether you are setting up a new cleaning line or trying to improve a less than wonderful cleaning process, this program gives you practical, easy-to-follow ideas to improve yield, quality, and throughput. Ed and Barb Kanegsberg will cover aqueous, solvent, and non-chemical cleaning processes. Instead of believing product performance claims or jumping from one patchwork quick-fix to the next, you will learn cleaning street smarts that help you unravel the mystery of cleaning problems. (Wed. April 26, 8:00 A.M.)

“Surviving Difficult Standards”
Standards and specs and policies and guidance and lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). Especially when it comes to cleaning, directives from customers, regulatory agencies, and maybe even from your own corporation can be confusing, contradictory, or completely impossible to meet. What do you do? We will explain the basics of standards, guidance documents, and specifications.  We will go over some common standard-related headaches; and we will give you the skills you need to read, understand, interpret, and even sometimes to negotiate requirements. (Wed. April 26, 10:15 A.M.)

Parts Cleaning Pavilion and Conference (PCx) is co-located with PMTS and takes place April 25 – 27, 2017 in Columbus Ohio.

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