Volume XIV, Issue 5 - June 2017

Feature: Exponential Rinsing

Knowledge is Power: Now in paperback - "Handbook for Critical Cleaning"

Coming Spring 2018, Hands On Cleaning Workshop

I just attended the PCx seminars at PMTS show in Columbus Ohio. I wish I would have been able to have had this experience when I first got into the chemistry business a year ago. I found your presentations to be, by far, the most accessible and informative. Thank you. I will look forward to receiving your newsletter and continuing my education in the world of parts cleaning and chemistry.
Paula Crawford-Anderson
Business Development Manager  
Seacole Specialty Chemical

Feature Article

Exponential Rinsing

By Ed Kanegsberg and Barb Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

Question: Why should you consider using multiple rinse tanks? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to build one big rinse tank? Won’t automation and parts handling be easier with one tank? Wouldn’t the cleaning process run faster?

Before we answer this… Let’s review product cleaning during manufacturing. Soil is matter out of place; cleaning is removing matter out of place.  Most cleaning processes - industrial cleaning, precision cleaning, and critical cleaning -  include wash, rinse, and dry steps.  The wash step effectively removes soil from surfaces of the part and to keeps that soil away from the vicinity of the part. The rinse step removes residual soil and cleaning agent; typically you don’t want that cleaning agent any more - so we consider it to be a soil. The dry step removes residual water and/or adsorbed solvent. 

And the answer is... Multiple, smaller rinses are better than a single large rinse.

To understand why, let’s look at two scenarios:

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Knowledge is Power

Now In Paperback – “Handbook for Critical Cleaning” – in Time For Father’s Day

The two volume second edition of the “Handbook for Critical Cleaning” appeared in 2011; and the Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist are happy that so many of you have found it useful. Have your colleagues taken possession of your copy? Hope is at hand! Now, the complete handbook is also available in a convenient, cost-effective, lighter-weight paperback format.  Better than a tie for Father’s Day, also for belated Mothers Day, Graduations, Birthdays – the list goes on and on.  Order it online through CRC Press. Contact us for a discount code. For the paperback version, each volume needs to be ordered separately.

Volume 1: https://www.crcpress.com/Handbook-for-Critical-Cleaning-Cleaning-Agents-and-Systems-Second-Edition/Kanegsberg-Kanegsberg/p/book/9781138074569

Volume 2: https://www.crcpress.com/Handbook-for-Critical-Cleaning-Applications-Processes-and-Controls-Second/Kanegsberg-Kanegsberg/p/book/9781138077324

Can you Damage the Product During Cleaning?
Yes! Materials compatibility problems can ruin your product. If you’re changing the cleaning process or the product line, go to p. 37 of the June 2017 issue of Product Finishing Magazine. The Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist will explain simple ways to “Do Your Own Compatibility Testing.”


Tech Expo, Southern California
The Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist are pleased to present “Effective Cleaning Approaches for Southern California Electronics Assemblers,” one of three technical sessions at LA/OC SMTA 7th Annual Expo & Tech Forum.  The one-day program takes place November 2, 2017 in Long Beach, CA.  The expo is always educational  – and fun.


Two-day Hands-on Cleaning Workshop   – May, 2018

Darren Williams of Sam Houston State University (SHSU) will partner with Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg of BFK Solutions to present the “Product Quality Cleaning Workshop.” The program combines teaching and hands-on testing in the lab/demonstration area, so you understand the principles of cleaning and see how cleaning processes actually work.  The workshop is on the SHSU campus in Huntsville, TX, May 16 – 17, 2018.  Check the website and brochure; you can also contact us for more information.


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