Clean Source Newsletter

Volume XV, Issue 7 - July 2018

I just wanted to be sure that I was still on the list. The information is strong and has been valuable in the past, keep up the good work!

Blake Buckley
Materials Quality Engineer
Hayes Performance Systems

Chemicals in the cleaning tank can chomp away at profits. Turn cleaning into a value-added part of manufacturing. Contact BFK Solutions for a complimentary review.

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Feature Article

What’s in your cleaning bath?

Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg

It’s a continual source of amazement, or at least amusement. A manufacturer expends considerable time, engineering effort, and expense in designing a product. The marketing folks tout the product’s advanced superiority in trade publications, conferences, and web sites. Then, the assemblers have to actually build the product. Yield problems arise. We are asked to troubleshoot the problem. We ask: how are you cleaning the product? What cleaning chemistries and systems do you use to remove the metalworking fluids, polishing compounds, whatever? Given the sophistication of many of the products, the answers are surprising.

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Prevent corrosion after cleaning

Metal parts corrode. The most you can do is to slow the rate of corrosion. Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg discuss how you can remain competitive by addressing the issue of corrosion. Read their column in the May issue of Production Machining Magazine.

Are the coatings adhering?

Hear about how cleaning, surface quality, and coating are interconnected. Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg will be the presenters at the September 26 dinner meeting of the Southern California Chapter of the American Vacuum Society. The meeting will take place at ZC&R Coatings in Torrance. Further details will be available later this summer.

PCx 2019 is on the horizon

The biannual Parts Cleaning Conference is moving to Cleveland next year, April 2-4. A call for presentations from Gardner Business Media is expected in July. We will keep you posted.  Have an idea for a talk? 

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