Volume XIV, Issue 1 - January 2017

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Feature: The Search for New Solvents
Manufacturers need new, effective cleaning solvents with no hazardous air pollutants; and many would prefer zero or very low volatile organic compounds. Get the flavor of the factors and challenges of making and testing new cleaning agent blends to replace aggressive chlorinated and brominated solvents by looking over the poster session presented by Professor Darren Williams of Sam Houston State University (SHSU). These are blending studies; not formulating new molecules – that has different challenges.  The SHSU study is a monumental effort that involved input from over 250 people at over 100 companies and agencies. Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg are proud to be part of the project team.  You can learn about screening the ingredients, making azeotropes (constant boiling mixtures), flammability testing, and performance testing.  While we didn’t find a magic bullet cleaning agent (gee, what a surprise!), there is now a global network and infrastructure to move forward.

The SHSU group and lots of other people will keep trying; but it’s unlikely that we will find a cleaning agent to solve all cleaning needs be they in electronics cleaning, metal cleaning, precision cleaning, or critical cleaning. Because many effective cleaning agents are aggressive, they can also be aggressive toward biological systems and the environment. Therefore, effective cleaning systems are likely to require engineering controls.

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Get Real about Solvent Substitution!, Oakland, California
Solvent substitution has been considered the gold standard to achieve worker safety and to resolve neighborhood and global environmental issues. Solvent substitution works  – unless it doesn’t.  Come to the Jan 18th meeting of the Northern California Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and hear Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg lead a thought-provoking program about the “Realities and Myths of Solvent Substitution.” We’ll discuss successes, failures, and upcoming challenges in harmonizing worker safety, environmental acceptability, and product safety.

AIHA North California Meeting, Wednesday January 18, 2016, 5:30 – 8:30 P.M. Scotts Seafood Restaurant, Oakland, CA.

Interview with the Cleaning Lady – Electronics Assemblies
Finally! I could relax at the LA/OC SMTA Tech Expo in Long Beach. The informal, unscripted panel discussion had gone well. Thanks again to panelists Julie Fields, Technical Devices Company; Naveen Ravindran, ZESTRON Americas; Gilbert Roberge, Inventec Corporation; and Paul Petruna, Sirco Industrial Inc. I chaired the panel; and we all worked with no speeches, no notes, just questions from the audience. And the audience asked lots of great questions. I’d just finished a nice lunch when Judy Warner of i-connect007 asked if I’d like to say a few words about cleaning electronics assemblies. Do ducks quack?  I said more than a few words about critical and precision cleaning, standards development, and training. You can read the interview online.

The Basics of Bases and Acids
The success of manufacturing processes depends on the level of acids or bases in a process bath as well as the chemical composition of the acid or base. Read this quick explanation of acids, bases and why they are important in precision cleaning, critical cleaning, and metal finishing. The article, by the Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist” is in the November, 2016 issue of Products Finishing Magazine.
http://www.pfonline.com/articles/parts-cleaning-the-basics-of-bases-and-acids ]

Wonderful Educational Programs, Southern California
Barbara “The Cleaning Lady” is program chair of SFEA, the Surface Finishers Educational Association of Southern California. She “volunteered” for the role on the condition that she would not be required to bake or sell cookies.  So far, so good! The next program is on Thursday evening, January 12th and features the legendary Frank Altmeyer. We have a great season lineup for winter/spring 2017. We are now lining up the 2017-2018 program year. If you’d like to do a program, give Barbara a call to discuss a topic.

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Guidance, Manufacturing High-Value Product
Two new documents that are directed at the medical device community provide sensible, provide practical guidance for all manufacturers of high value product. Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg discuss an FDA draft guidance document and an ASTM validation guide in “Controlled Environments Magazine.”

Parts Cleaning Expo – Columbus in April
PCx returns to Columbus Ohio with a two-day conference.  You can hear Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg   discuss “Cleaning CSI: Understand and Improve the Process” and “Surviving Difficult Standards.” Registration is now open. Learn more about the two-day conference: