As active advisors to the manufacturing community, we provide technical support to you and your legal advisors. Our goals are to

• Help you avoid regulatory and legal issues

• Resolve problems with strategic support

• Get you back to business

For anything from the beginnings of a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach to a full-blown tsunami, contact us for a confidential consultation.

Your response was professional and to the point.  You presented your assessment in a strategic manner. As a result, we were able to defeat a very well-known company and prevent them from abdicating our patent in the EU.

Tom McNally<br/>Vice President and General Manager<br/>ChemFree Corporation


• Review regulatory permitting issues, conduct informational discussions with regulators

• Support for environmental regulatory issues, eg. EPA (TSCA, SNAP), SCAQMD, CARB, OSHA, Cal/OSHA

• Select the correct analytical tests and laboratories

• Review laboratory findings

• Review and interpret teachings of patents

• Interpret specifications, standards, regulations, TDS, SDS, and guidance documents

• Assess technical studies

The Kanegsbergs are involved in standards setting efforts, including ASTM and ISO. Barbara Kanegsberg is an appointed U.S. ISO expert. They regularly publish updates concerning standards and guidance documents.

Expert Witness 

BFK Solutions support to legal advisors ranges from regulatory facilitation to avoid escalation of problems through support for civil and criminal cases, and insurance issues.

• Research

• Declarations and depositions

• Testimony

We present our findings in clear, compelling, non-technical language.  Our experience includes civil litigation disputes involving manufacturing activities including hard surface cleaning, concerns with the chemical composition of complex formulations, intellectual property issues, and the safety/environmental impact of products. We present findings to safety and environmental regulatory agencies at the local, state and Federal level. We have testified before the European Patent Office in Munich.

Contact us for a confidential assessment.

Barbara Kanegsberg

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