You suspect a problem with the cleaning process. While cleaning is not always the source of problem, many of our colleagues and clients tell us that  sub-optimal cleaning is to blame for many manufacturing woes. There may be:

Yield problems

Poor coating adherence

Immediate product failure

Rejection by the customer

Field failure

Fix cleaning problems- prevent profit erosion
Find the source
BFK Solutions reviews your product design as well as your cleaning and contamination control efforts. You may need cleanliness tests or analytical tests run. Testing can be expensive, we help you select the right tests, use the right lab, and interpret the results – this keeps costs to a minimum. Barbara Kanegsberg has decades of experience in clinical and analytical chemistry. Both Ed and Barbara are good detectives. The issue may be with a critical cleaning step performed early-on in the process by a group in your supply chain. If we all decide it’s the right thing to do, we help clients work with their contract manufacturers.

Make the changes
Often, small, low-cost changes in the cleaning or assembly process can produce big yield improvements. If you need a new cleaning process, BFK Solutions has the expertise to make the change efficiently with minimal anguish.

Keep the problem solved
We work with you so that after we leave, you and your employees have the knowledge to keep your cleaning processes under control, to maintain high yields. We also touch base to make sure things are running smoothly. We love to hear our clients tell us they were able to head-off yield problems on their own!

Barbara Kanegsberg gave me the best solution I've seen for anyone in my industry. It was a cheap price to pay for the benefits received.  She didn't always tell me what I wanted to hear; but she did tell me what I needed to hear. She doesn't just dump her clients down the road; she becomes part of the family. We would certainly use her again on any future projects.

Pat Maluso<br/> Plant Manager<br/>Western Hydrostatics, Inc.