BFK Solutions helps you look at cleaning in ways that make a real difference to your business.

A key to productive and competitive manufacturing is to do the right cleaning steps at the correct point in the manufacturing process. Maybe you need less cleaning, but smarter cleaning. Cleaning is removing soil; soil is matter out of place. We hear a lot of terms for cleaning including manufacturing cleaning, industrial cleaning, defluxing, dewaxing, degreasing, deoiling, surface preparation, contaminant removal, precision cleaning and critical cleaning. For years we’ve heard about precision cleaning as contrasted from general cleaning or metals cleaning. Many people associate precision cleaning with processes conducted in cleanrooms or some other controlled environment. Precision cleaning has been called removing soil from parts that look pretty clean to begin with or cleaning associated with formal surface metrics or “final assembly cleaning.”

However, precision cleaning alone does not guarantee high-quality, cost-effective production.

For a high-quality, competitively-superior product, we help you identify the critical cleaning steps. Critical cleaning steps can be in the cleanroom; often, they also happen in the machine shop. If you don’t clean correctly in the machine shop, the most carefully defined precision cleaning at the final cleaning steps may not give you good product yield. In critical cleaning, we help you identify when to clean as well as how to clean. The critical cleaning approach often makes manufacturing less complex and saves you money. BFK Solutions can help make your business run more smoothly by turning cleaning into an effective and value-added part of the manufacturing process. You achieve a quality product. For more thoughts about critical, “tipping point” cleaning, see