Training is good

Your employees must have the right training, because following the process specs is essential. But training is one-way and static; workers are told exactly what to do - no more, no less.

Then, the unexpected happens. What will your employees do?

Education is better

Training alone won’t give you world-class manufacturing. Cleaning processes and contamination control efforts are complex; problems happen at your suppliers and in your facility.

Employees who are educated about cleaning processes and cleaning requirements gain cleaning street smarts.

Your employees become the first line of defense against production delays and product failure.

  • Jacques Serruya, Director of Operations
    The course was helpful and fruitful, I really believe that I'll implement a lot of the knowledge. I will feel free to make contact for any related questions.
    Jacques Serruya, Director of Operations
    Phibro Animal Health Corporation
    Beit Shemesh, Israel
  • Michael Lathrop, Senior Materials Scientist
    I have used your seminar (CD) numerous times since your seminar and found it very useful.
    Michael Lathrop, Senior Materials Scientist
    GE Healthcare
  • Ian Parry, Business Development Manager
    I thought the course was perfect for my needs. It was packed full of useful information. The material was interesting; and it was clearly presented in nice, digestible chunks. Nothing dragged on too long; and there was time to network with my colleagues.
    Ian Parry, Business Development Manager
    Layton Technologies, a Staffordshire-based Company in the UK
    Attendee, One Day Cleaning Course at UCLA

On-site Workshops

BFK Solutions provides customized, on-site and on the job training and education programs in precision cleaning, surface preparation, general cleaning, and regulatory issues. The programs are non-commercial; we don’t “push” a particular cleaning chemistry or cleaning equipment.

Our on-site workshops are efficient and cost effective. Your company avoids the lost time and travel-related expenses associated with transporting large groups of employees to a conference and allows us to address competition-sensitive issues.

These custom cleaning programs focus directly on the issues of most interest to you. Workshops are structured for employees in R&D, assembly, management, and marketing. We can also arrange to observe employees in their work environment.

Web-based Programs

Web-based workshops are a great training approach for employees at multiple sites. You can also have us arrange to train and educate key suppliers.

As with on-site workshops, web-based programs focus on the topics that will provide the greatest benefit to your company. These non-commercial, interactive programs help you decide the best cleaning options and the best solutions to your cleaning problems.

Let's discuss the best program for your company!