Expand your markets with BFK Solutions

As a provider of cleaning agents and cleaning equipment, please know that manufacturers of parts and components need your offerings. While the field is lucrative, there are barriers to introduction and expansion of markets. Customers may be so accustomed to a cleaning chemistry or cleaning machine that they don’t even consider your offering – even if you have a better solution!

The BFK Solutions Approach

We are not your sales force; we’re not your distributor; and we’re not part of your company – that’s why you need us. We listen to you, and with you put together projects to get you the answers you need to reach the full potential of your offering.

BFK Solutions has more than 25 years of experience solving the problems of parts and components manufacturers; and they tell us what they really need for effective manufacturing. We keep tabs on new technical requirements and upcoming regulatory issues.

The world of cleaning eagerly awaits your product!