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Volume XVII, Issue 5 - May 2020

One route to new perspectives about critical product cleaning is to travel the world to trade shows. Another is to contact us.

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Your writing style makes learning about a process some would consider to be dull actually quite the opposite.

Clay Ferguson, Engineer

Feature Article

Cleaning Perspective– parts2clean, Part I

By Ed Kanegsberg and Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

Successful manufacturers make it a point to look at cleaning options from new perspectives. They picture how those options can improve production – whether or not they plan an immediate change in critical product cleaning. There are lots of ways to gain new perspectives, including actual travel to programs, webinars, and virtual travel. This past fall, we gained inspiration from the parts2clean trade show in Stuttgart. Continue to read as we share insights that provide food for thought.

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Product Quality Cleaning Webinars
The Product Quality Cleaning Workshop that was scheduled for May is on “pause.” You do not need to remain on “pause”. Thanks to support from our sponsors, we are able to bring you a series of educational webinars. Go to the PQCW home page to get the recording and handout from our first webinar, “Cleaning with Modified Alcohols”, featuring an interview with chemists from SAFECHEM.


Manufacturing Minds – the Cleaning Research Group at SHSU
Go to “Manufacturing Minds – PQCW” for ideas and inspiration to grow your manufacturing business. These members of the “Cleaning Research Group” at Sam Houston State University have great ideas and are worthy of your attention. Stay tuned for more!


A Page Turner!
If you need a cleaning “whodunnit,” our two-volume “Handbook for Critical Cleaning” is riveting. Find the contamination culprit, so you can get back to the latest suspense thriller. Currently on sale, too!—2-Volume-Set/Kanegsberg-Kanegsberg/p/book/9781138074576

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