Volume XIX, Issue 8 - September 2022

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“I found this to be good enough to include in my featured section of my profile section on LinkedIn. There are still too many people that mix acid and bases and suffer the consequences.”

Marc Hirsch, Senior Development Scientist/Consultant

Feature Article

The Value of Direct Interaction

By Ed Kanegsberg & Barb Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

The Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist were LIVE and in person at the recent Parts Cleaning Conference in Chicago. The refrain of the new normal goes something like: “Yippee! We’re talking to each other face-to-face, in person.” Was the conference useful?

In our opinion, yes. The Parts Cleaning Conference was productive, cohesive, and promoted positive interaction. In addition to our presentations, there were presentations by suppliers of cleaning agents and cleaning equipment. EPA provided an overview of amended TSCA. There was true interchange. Participants were not shy about asking questions, bringing their specific cleaning process problems, making observations, and reporting on their progress. For example, one attendee asked about the best way to remove chlorinated paraffins from product. Another asked about removing process fluids after deep draw. They sometimes disagreed with each other. Read on to hear answers and discover more about what we found useful; and what we would wish for.

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Coming October 5: EPA happenings and critical product cleaning
Learn how EPA regulatory activities may impact your manufacturing processes. Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg join Jeff Davis from Hubbard-Hall and host Tim Pennington on Episode 7 of “Seen & Solved.” Preview the podcast


A Revolutionary Aqueous Cleaning Workshop
Coming soon from the Product Quality Cleaning Workshop team of Barb and Ed Kanegsberg of BFK Solutions, and Darren Williams of SHSU. The half-day program features convenient, on-demand training modules and continuing education credit. Here’s the truly revolutionary part: the workshop includes 30 minutes of individualized live consulting with a PQCW instructor. Price: $399.  Click the link for a $20 pre-publication discount code.


In Los Angeles, in Person: Critical Cleaning and Additive Manufacturing
Live at Tony P’s! The Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist will discuss  “Critical Product Cleaning and Surface Modification, Challenges for Additive Manufacturing” at the Novemeber 15, 2022 evening meeting of the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society of Materials (ASM). 

Contact:  asmlachapter@gmail.com 

Drugs and Medical Devices Cleaning Validation Summit in San Diego
The Cleaning Lady and Rocket Scientist are pleased and honored to be part of the great line-up of speakers at the Pharma Ed Resources “Cleaning Validation Summit 2022,” December 1 – 2 in San Diego CA. Hear both of our presentations; ask questions, disagree with us. Become the expert. We’ll all become even better experts.


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