Volume XX, Issue 9 - October 2023

EPA proposes total ban on Trichloroethylene.
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“Even though I have been in testing, formulating and tech service of cleaners for 22 years, there is always more to learn and no two systems are alike. Your website, knowledge and information you provide has been very helpful. I really appreciate it.”

Joseph Beckley, Northern Technologies International/Zerust

Feature Article

Part 2: Real Costs of Changing the Cleaning Process - Shortcuts and Consequences

Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions LLC

Product manufacturers are likely to change the product cleaning process in the next two to five years. Regulatory happenings, notably from the U.S. EPA Amended TSCA and PFAS concerns may mean that well-established cleaning agents are not available. As a result, manufacturers may be drawn into a frenzied effort to push through process change - fast. Technical and economic reasons for improving the cleaning process include exacting customer requirements, the need for higher throughput, and new product lines. Moving to a new process cleaning process is expensive. In Part 1, we introduced the real, non-capital costs of changing a cleaning process, emphasizing the high costs of researching and developing the new process. Our analysis was exceedingly optimistic and are predicated on the presumption that the process of process change goes smoothly and without mistakes. Assume that your actual costs will be higher. Savvy manufacturers consider the impact of capital and non-capital costs. Read on for instructive examples of how the effort to change the cleaning process goes off the rails.

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EPA proposes total ban on trichloroethylene (TCE)

On October 31, the EPA published a proposed rule to ban all uses of trichloroethylene. Most uses will be banned within one year of final rule adoption. For a limited number of critical uses, there will be an extended period to transition to alternative processes. However, stringent controls on exposure will be needed during that period. A 45-day window for public comments to Docket EPA-HQ-OPPT-2020-0642 is open. EPA will conduct a webinar on November 14. For more information click below.

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Achieve Confident Product Cleaning

Avoid panic! Achieve a clear, practical understanding of how aqueous cleaning works. Replace worry with confidence. Register you and your employees for the “Aqueous Cleaning On-Demand Course” from the Product Quality Cleaning Workshops. PQCW Instructors Barb Kanegsberg, Ed Kanegsberg, and Dr. Darren Williams share the goal of making our courses educational, practical and fun. Benefits of the course include rational process selection and design, reliable cleaning, good process control, ability to nip cleaning problems in the bud, happy customers, and higher profits. Bonus! To answer your questions and address your particular process concerns, the course includes time for one-on-one discussions with a PQCW instructor. For information on this course and other PQCW offerings, access the link below.

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Manage rinsing and waste water 

At the upcoming meeting of the Surface Finishers Educational Association (SFEA), on November 9 . Taoward Lee of Ecosystems will discuss methods to control rinsing and manage waste water. The emphasis will be on reducing both water use and chemical recovery for plating lines. Because most aqueous cleaning processes need rinsing. Taoward’s brings over four decades of experience to the table. His presentation is essential for both plating and non-plating processes. Register to obtain the Zoom link.

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