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Volume XVII, Issue 3 - March 2020

We are in uncertain and challenging times. While we don’t have all the answers, we do know a lot about cleaning.

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You demonstrated that there’s no simple solution and one size doesn’t fit all.

Steve Derman - Medishare

Feature Article

Of Mice and Medical Devices - Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sterilization

By Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

Imagine that you manufacture medical devices. As a final step, the devices are placed in an autoclave; and sterilized using an approved, validated method. Next, you open the autoclave. What do you see? A mouse on top of the devices!

YUK! The mouse may have been sterilized. The devices may have been sterilized. However, you darn well better physically remove the remains of the mouse from the devices.

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Product Quality Cleaning Workshop
PQCW is on hold, for obvious reasons. We will work with Dr. Darren Williams at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) to reschedule. In the meantime, stay safe & healthy and keep getting smarter!


Free Home Schooling for Manufacturers
No excuses! Manufacturers get to go to cleaning school! The Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist are working with the SHSU Cleaning Research Group and with PQCW sponsors to put together very focused, content-rich on-line educational modules. These programs will complement PQCW, not replace it. The programs will help you achieve better manufacturing productivity through more effective critical/precision cleaning. Each will hone in on a specific aspect of critical/precision cleaning, surface quality, and cleaning validation.

Programs will be available at the low, low price of free!

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