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Volume XVII, Issue 11 - December 2020

A Season for activity at TSCA! Read the feature to find out how U.S. EPA activities may impact critical cleaning and manufacturing. You can contact us to discuss your product cleaning requirements and options.

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You and your team have done an awesome job on these courses. Congrats! I’m the Cleaning Engineer Leader for our 3 facilities, so many of your topics are linked with my daily life for our cleaning processes.

Gerardo Sergio García Muñoz, Manufacturing Engineer and PQCWebinar participant

Feature Article

‘Tis the Season for Trichloroethylene (and Other Halogenated Solvents)

By Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

‘Tis the season to be brave – to get educated, to speak up, to consider your critical cleaning options, to strategize.

The U.S. EPA, under what is sometimes referred to as TSCA reform, is looking not only at the environmental impact of certain chemicals but also at worker exposure. As a consequence, the EPA may heavily regulate and even ban many uses for a number of halogenated solvents (chlorinated and brominated). Actions are likely to impact critical and precision cleaning - and therefore production - for manufacturers throughout the U.S.

The first group of chemicals being evaluated includes methylene chloride, n-propyl bromide (1-bromopropane), and the two featured in this article: trichloroethylene (TCE), and perchloroethylene (PCE). The next group of chemicals will include trans-1,2-dichloroethylene (trans-DCE).

If you think the EPA always moves very slowly – think again.

Immediate: TCE The EPA published the risk evaluation for TCE in November 2020. They found unreasonable risk to “workers and occupational non-users” for many manufacturing activities – including cleaning/vapor degreasing.

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