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Volume XVII, Issue 7 - July 2020

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I really enjoyed the webinar and I find your advice on recording and cleaning to a specification very practical.

“Building a Defendable Cleaning Process” PQCWebinar attendee, Poland

Feature Article

Cleaning Perspective– parts2clean, Part II

By Ed Kanegsberg and Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

For new perspectives on effective cleaning, simply go to a trade show. What trade shows? Explore cleaning options by continuing our virtual tour of the 2019 parts2clean trade fair in Stuttgart. In the first installment of “Cleaning Perspective “(1), we discussed cyclic nucleation, laser and CO2 processes. We continue with cleaning agents and cleaning systems that use solvents, including co-solvents and hydrocarbons. We also explain how the concept of CPS can improve process consistency and minimize employee and community exposure.

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Killer particle?
“What is That Particle? And Will it Kill my Part or Assembly?” features Peter Feamster of Jomesa. Learn about a particle detection system that your inspection folks can set up and use in-house. Head off trouble before it starts! The free PQCWebinar is August 5 at 10 AM Central time. Sign up!

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Learn practical approaches to critical cleaning and successful manufacturing. The Product Quality Cleaning Workshop (PQCW) team of Dr. Darren Williams (the Professor), Barbara Kanegsberg (the Cleaning Lady) and Dr. Ed Kanegsberg (the Rocket Scientist), present free 30 minute webinars. Some programs showcase PQCW sponsors , others provide insight from instructors. PQCW organizers curate all programs to minimize commercialism.

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We have to brag, a little bit. PQCWebinars have taken on a life of their own. Participants include manufacturers, suppliers, advisors, and regulatory personnel. People involved in critical cleaning tune in from around the world, from over 25 countries and counting.

One PQCW goal is to do face-to-face workshops. We will schedule in-person workshops when it’s prudent.

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Zoomed out? Zoned out?
Relax with a great book. For non-fiction reading, we humbly recommend our two volume “Handbook for Critical Cleaning.”—2-Volume-Set/Kanegsberg-Kanegsberg/p/book/9781138074576

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