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Volume XV, Issue 10 - November 2018

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John Moore<br/> Daetec LLC

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Feature Article

Dust Storms, Detecting Contaminants, and Critical Cleaning

Barbara Kanegsberg, BFK Solutions

How clean is clean enough? You test for a contaminant. The results indicate contamination level is zero, but the product still fails - it’s as if the contaminant is still there. What happened? Even with a clean manufacturing facility, you can be caught in a detection dust storm, one that doesn’t let you see where there’s a product contamination problem. Understanding three common reasons for these dust storms allows you to choose the right analytical and monitoring tests for your critical cleaning process. The right test design helps avoid costly production shutdowns and keeps customers happy.

Detection dust storms result from
• too little of the stuff you are trying to detect
• too much of the stuff you are trying to detect
• too much other stuff

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Critical Cleaning Handbook – a must for Superior Product Cleaning
Order your copy of The Handbook for Critical Cleaning Second Edition, Volume 1: Cleaning Agents and Systems and Volume 2: Applications, Processes, and Controls, B. Kanegsberg and E. Kanegsberg, editors, CRC Press 2011. Options: hardbound, paperbound, and electronic formats.

Respect Drying!
Drying is often neglected or under-funded in the design of a critical cleaning process. In the November issue of Products Finishing Magazine, learn about important aspects of drying techniques in “The Importance of Drying Parts After Cleaning” by Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg.

Parts Cleaning Conference and Expo
Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg  are pleased to participate in the Parts Cleaning Conference and Expo, April 2 – 420019 in Cleveland OH.  Check out the current lineup of speakers

We will do two presentations. Hear us discuss “Fixtured Success” before lunch and “Look before you Leap” after lunch on Wed April 3rd.  We will also have a booth at the Expo. Stop by to say hello and ask questions.

More fun in the lab!
The next Product Quality Cleaning Workshop (PQCW) at Sam Houston State University is May 13 – 14, 2020.  Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg of BFK Solutions will again team with Darren Williams of SHSU. It’s fun, intensive, and gets you in great shape to make your cleaning process – and your manufacturing facility – shine. Stay tuned for more information. Find a quick recap of the 2018 Workshop at

 From a PQCW participant:
“Since taking the class I have frequently referred to the class slides and benefitted from my new cleaning consultant and testing relationships.”
Chris W.  (Corning, Inc.)

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