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Increase your profits by enlisting the expertise of BFK Solutions

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Whether you manufacture product or provide cleaning agent or cleaning equipment, increase your profits by enlisting the expertise of BFK Solutions, the industry leader in critical cleaning consulting. We listen to your concerns and give you practical solutions to reach your product cleaning and surface quality goals. We keep you informed of developments in product design, cleanliness requirements, and regulatory trends. Our programs and workshops give you and your staff the cleaning street-smarts to stay ahead of the game. 

Winning the Race for Clean Product

The manufacturer was in a highly competitive race for funding to develop a high-tech, cutting edge product. Performance requirements mandated that surfaces be contamination-free. BFK Solutions devised a critical cleaning protocol to maximize soil removal. The outcome was a product that not just met but greatly exceeded performance requirements. As a direct result, the client was awarded funding in excess of $3 million.

Improved Cleaning Agents

A cleaning agent manufacturer strove to develop chemical blending processes to improve performance. BFK Solutions worked with the client over a 3 year period. Our fees were approximately $21,000. Based on our advice, the client made process changes that yielded increased gross profits of over $2 million.

We will help you find your best critical cleaning process!

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  • Chris
    I was delighted to find the Critical Cleaning Handbook as I began lab and industrial projects involving surface cleaning.  I found the information to be comprehensive and easy to understand as well as widely applicable to various substrates – a rare find in this field!  The handbook supplied valuable information and theory to get started in the field.  The next step is experience and practice.  Thanks!
  • Tom McNally, Vice President and General Manager
    Your response was professional and to the point. You presented your assessment in a strategic manner. As a result, we were able to defeat a very well-known company and prevent them from abdicating our patent in the EU.
    Tom McNally, Vice President and General Manager
    ChemFree Corporation
  • Jacques Serruya, Director of Operations
    The course was helpful and fruitful, I really believe that I'll implement a lot of the knowledge. I will feel free to make contact for any related questions.
    Jacques Serruya, Director of Operations
    Phibro Animal Health Corporation
    Beit Shemesh, Israel
  • Michael Lathrop, Senior Materials Scientist
    I have used your seminar (CD) numerous times since your seminar and found it very useful.
    Michael Lathrop, Senior Materials Scientist
    GE Healthcare
  • Ian Parry, Business Development Manager
    I thought the course was perfect for my needs. It was packed full of useful information. The material was interesting; and it was clearly presented in nice, digestible chunks. Nothing dragged on too long; and there was time to network with my colleagues.
    Ian Parry, Business Development Manager
    Layton Technologies, a Staffordshire-based Company in the UK
    Attendee, One Day Cleaning Course at UCLA
  • Louise Bertagnolli

    You always have such witty sayings in your newsletters. They are a pleasure to read.

    Louise Bertagnolli
    JST Manufacturing Inc.
  • Sue Roberts

    For several months I’ve been enjoying both the information and the humor you offer in your newsletter.

    Sue Roberts
    CIM-Canadian Industrial Machinery
  • Malcolm McLaughlin
    As I said, please keep sending the newsletters, I get all sorts of wonderful nuggets from them.
    Malcolm McLaughlin
Alconox, Inc.
  • Tom Kucklick

    I enjoyed the heck out of your speech at the PCx show. Informative and yet entertaining.

    Tom Kucklick
    Graymills Corporation
  • Steve Derman
    Both of you came across as being very knowledgeable and experienced in what you do. You demonstrated that there’s no simple solution and 1 size doesn’t fit all.
    Steve Derman
    Medishare Environmental Health and Safety Services
  • Mark N. Bass

    As an absolutely direct result of the consulting work you (BFK Solutions, LLC.) did for us over a 3 year period, costing us about $21,000, we were able to make changes to our processes which resulted in increased gross profits of over $2 million.

    Mark N. Bass
    Bradley Systems, Inc.
  • Graham N. Fraser

    I love your site and your obvious independence, it is a breath of fresh air.

    Graham N. Fraser
    Fraser Technologies Ltd.
  • Denise Cooper

    I have been in the surfactant industry for 30 years, but continue to learn more about the cleaning industry from BFK Solutions, LLC. I always find a little nugget that leads to an “aha” moment or an “I should have known that” epiphany.

    Denise Cooper
    PCC Chemax, Inc
  • Kaleb Baker

    The results far exceeded our Customer’s requirement and now we have a fully validated critical cleaning process that has given our business the edge we need to succeed in a cutting-edge technology industry.

    Kaleb Baker
    Wasco Switches and Sensors
  • Kaleb Baker

    With their expertise and extensive experience in the field of critical cleaning we were able to develop a process that was tailor made to our unique application.

    Kaleb Baker
    Wasco Switches and Sensors
  • Kaleb Baker

    This husband and wife team were an absolute pleasure to work with and made the entire process enjoyable, educational, and most of all effective!

    Kaleb Baker
    Wasco Switches and Sensors
  • Kaleb Baker

    Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg of BFK Solutions proved to be the vital resource we were looking for to clarify the murky waters surrounding the field of critical cleaning.

    Kaleb Baker
    Wasco Switches and Sensors
  • Linda Barlow

    You take what may be considered to be dry, technical issues, and you infuse them with interest and an easy, conversational writing style that makes them a pleasure to read.  No wonder your writing services are so sought-after!

    Linda Barlow
    Kapnek Communications
  • Reva Rubenstein

    Mrs. Kanegsberg is an expert in the safe and proper use of chemicals in the workplace.

    Reva Rubenstein
    ICF Consulting, Inc.
  • Peter Mullenhard

    Over the years Barb has used her boundless energy and expertise to assist organizations, both large and small, to implement environmentally-preferred cleaning processes.

    Peter Mullenhard
    Senior Engineer
  • John Yoakam

    Your seminar prompted me into action.

    John Yoakam
    Applied Engineering Services, Inc.
  • Who knew cleaning could be cool.

    UCLA course evaluation
  • Catherine Landsberg

    You managed to engage us all and make the material palpable.

    Catherine Landsberg
    Seminar attendee
  • Catherine Landsberg

    Your expertise as “Problem Solvers” in cleaning and contamination control is invaluable.

    Catherine Landsberg
    Seminar attendee
  • Paul Fauss

    We get much more information from you than we do from our lab rats; and it costs a lot less to work with you than it does to feed the rats.

    Paul Fauss
    Albemarle Corporation, (retired)
  • Pat Maluso

    She doesn’t just dump her clients down the road; she becomes part of the family. We would certainly use her again on any future projects.

    Pat Maluso
    Western Hydrostatics, Inc
  • Pat Maluso

    She gave me more time than she charged me for. I did not feel like I was talking to an attorney ‘on the clock.’

    Pat Maluso
    Western Hydrostatics, Inc
  • Pat Maluso

    She didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear; but she did tell me what I needed to hear. At the same time, she was very receptive to my ideas and possible solutions.

    Pat Maluso
    Western Hydrostatics, Inc
  • Pat Maluso

    Working with Barbara allowed me to focus on the entire manufacturing process from a systematic standpoint.

    Pat Maluso
    Western Hydrostatics, Inc
  • Pat Maluso

    Barbara Kanegsberg gave me the best solution I’ve seen for anyone in my industry. It was a cheap price to pay for the benefits received.

    Pat Maluso
    Western Hydrostatics, Inc
  • Richard Petrulio

    I would definitely work with BFK Solutions in the future.

    Richard Petrulio
    B/E Aerospace
  • Richard Petrulio

    You teach critical thinking as a skill.

    Richard Petrulio
    B/E Aerospace
  • Richard Petrulio

    You have a tremendous resource base that you bring to a project. The independent information that you provide has value; it has allowed me to decide how to proceed.

    Richard Petrulio
    B/E Aerospace
  • Richard Petrulio

    Your seminars allowed our customers to understand what options were available, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and why we were telling them to use a new, standardized process.

    Richard Petrulio
    B/E Aerospace
  • Richard Petrulio

    Ultimately, the goal is to have a good choice. You have a tremendous resource base that you bring to a project. The independent information that you provide has value; it has allowed me to decide how to proceed.

    Richard Petrulio
    B/E Aerospace
  • Richard Petrulio

    What has stood out over the years of working with you is that you go the distance. You’re there. I don’t have to go and track you down.

    Richard Petrulio
    B/E Aerospace
  • William Lewis, PhD

    Barbara has an amazing depth of knowledge in her field of cleaning and contamination control. Her focus on detail is beautifully counterbalanced with her clear and humorous communication style.

    William Lewis, PhD
    California Hardcoating Company
  • John Durkee, “Metal Finishing Magazine,”

    Any firm serious about managing its cleaning operations should have this book available to their staff responsible for that operation. It’s a strong contribution to the technical literature supporting industrial cleaning because of the diversity of its coverage and strengths of many chapters, … Every chapter is replete with references - something not provided with a Google (or other search engine) Internet search. As one who is finishing a book now, and facing the daunting task of editing it, I fully recognize the magnitude of the job done with more than 65 chapters by the authors. The book is remarkably free of commercial bias, given that most chapters were written by authors with a commercial interest.

    John Durkee, “Metal Finishing Magazine,”
  • Anselm Kuhn, Galvanotechnik

    …a tour de force, a work written by experts who have worked at the interface between science and industry and who write from that basis, not from an ivory tower. The price of these two formidable volumes is not insignificant. But set against the cost of defective production, just for one hour’s downtime or components having to be re-worked or completely rejected, it is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. On that basis, one is more than happy to strongly recommend it.

    Anselm Kuhn, Galvanotechnik
  • Dick Peterson, Discovery Services

    “Handbook for Critical Cleaning. Cleaning Agents and Systems” is especially useful to me. Even with my 25 years of experience selling cleaning agents, the information helps me to talk with more authority about my products. 

    Dick Peterson, Discovery Services
  • Debra Kimless-Garber MD, Scott Garber MD

    “Mazel tov on your new edition!!! I really didn't know what to expect from a ‘cleaning’ book. So surprised- it is an incredible treasure trove of information!! It is really interesting, beautifully written and honestly I can't stop reading it. Thankfully it is two volumes so Scott and I don't have to fight over it. Really, it is the most fascinating technical book I've ever seen so it should fly off the shelves-or the Internet.” 

    Debra Kimless-Garber MD, Scott Garber MD
  • Kate Hand

    Since its publication in 2000, “Handbook for Critical Cleaning” has been the Bible of cleaning within industrial processes, and fans will be thrilled to see this newly updated second edition.

    Kate Hand
    Gardner Publications
  • Dan Bloden
    Barbara and Edward Kanegsberg's Second Edition "Handbook for Critical Cleaning" (Cleaning Agents and Systems; Applications, Processes, and Controls) does an excellent job demonstrating how to maximize efficiency techniques in a production setting.  It precisely defines how to evaluate clean parts:  whether it be a white glove test or measuring intricate water contact angles.  20 year finishing experts and rookies alike will thoroughly enjoy these volumes.
    Dan Bloden
  • James Millar, Sales & Marketing Manager
    For its shear comprehensiveness and attention to technical detail, this publication must represent the most up-to-date and informed textbook of its type serving those involved in the perfection of surface cleaning in widespread industrial and scientific communities. I keep these volumes close to hand and find them extremely well-written and informative.  For those of us engaged in surface finishing and cleaning, no matter the industry type, this edition is an invaluable resource and will continue to be so for a long time.  
    James Millar, Sales & Marketing Manager
    Saint Gobain Surface Conditioning Group

Handbook For Critical Cleaning, 2nd Edition

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