Choose the right hard-surface cleaning process for manufacturing or reworking components or product. The wrong decision about critical cleaning can cost money and put you at a competitive disadvantage. “The Cleaning Lady and the Rocket Scientist” ask the tough questions starting with:

Do you need new cleaning equipment?

Do you need to update to a new cleaning chemical?

Do you need to clean?


The unvarnished truth
As independent consultants, we do not sell products, or take commissions, or “kick-backs.” We do not restrict your choices to a few products; and we want you to purchase the right cleaning equipment – usually not the most expensive equipment. We consider all options, including aqueous, solvent, advanced “non-chemical” processes, and outsourcing. The benefits to you? Cleaning processes that are:




Have you worked in my area of manufacturing, you ask?
Our answer is usually “Yes but not exactly” – because each manufacturing situation is unique. Our projects include

Metal working, finishing, and coating

Electronics assembly

Implantable medical devices

Complex military and aerospace assemblies



Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

Product repair and rework

Industrial, precision, and critical product cleaning is our specialty. We work with family owned businesses as well as multi-national corporations. We respect and fiercely guard the integrity and confidentiality of all of our clients. BFK Solutions factors in your product, your facility and workforce, your performance and regulatory requirements. 

No “cookie cutter” projects
While each project is custom-designed, there are some typical activities.

Set up cleaning goals 

Evaluate cleaning agents and cleaning equipment

Guide you toward your decision

Get the manufacturing process up and running

Educate those involved in the new manufacturing process

Overcome regulatory hurdles

Perhaps most important:

We follow-up to make sure things are running smoothly.