At BFK Solutions, we focus on cleanliness and contamination control of the product – the product being assembled in the cleanroom and the product being assembled outside of the cleanroom. A cleanroom is not an end in itself. It’s amazing that manufacturers spend considerable time and money in designing and certifying a cleanroom or controlled environment. Then, they assume that fabrication will take care of itself. Moving a process to a cleanroom does not correct a contaminated product.

At BFK Solutions, we don’t build cleanrooms or controlled environments. Instead, we help you use your cleanroom “real estate” to best advantage. We coordinate with your engineering staff, your production people, your cleanroom designer/installer, your facilities group. Because cleanrooms cannot correct a contaminated product, we also work with your supply chain,

Contamination control is more than a state-of-the-art cleanroom; contamination control is more than checking particle levels. Cleanroom training and cleanroom “discipline” alone won’t solve your problems.

When we work with you on contamination control issues, Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg:

• Select the processes that should be performed in the cleanroom

• Relocate cleanroom processes that are causing contamination

• Assess new cleanroom design 

• Troubleshoot contamination issues in and out of cleanroom

• Evaluating process design, product flow, and product handling.

• Track down sources of contamination, both particulate and thin film/airborne molecular contamination – before, during, and after cleanroom operations

• Minimize product contamination before, during, and after critical cleaning

• Review assembler/operator practices

• Conduct education programs that correct cleanroom behavior problems

Barbara has an amazing depth of knowledge in her field of cleaning and contamination control. Her focus on detail is beautifully counterbalanced with her clear and humorous communication style. You can't find a better expert than Barbara.

William Lewis, PhD <br/>California Hardcoating Company