About Barbara Kanegsberg

How Ed became "The Rocket Scientist"

(and started to work with "The Cleaning Lady")

I've always been fascinated by the weather; and I enjoy teaching. I get a kick out of explaining how storms happen and then track their progress across the world. My original goal was to be a meteorologist. At MIT, I got interested in physics; physics gets to the basics of how things work. At Rutgers, my PhD thesis work took me into chemical physics. Instead of a meteorologist, I became a rocket scientist. As a consultant at BFK Solutions, I apply the basic laws of physics to find you practical solutions to critical cleaning.
I like working in industry; we can't control the weather - at least not yet - but we can make manufacturing a lot more efficient. We can't change the course of a hurricane, even when we see an event happening on the other side of the world. However, I can look at the details of your manufacturing and cleaning processes, find the problems, and then head them off at the pass, before they wreak havoc with production. I am convinced that when we say something "isn't rocket science," we should include much of rocket science itself. The best solutions to most manufacturing problems are straightforward and readily implemented.
It's not enough to demonstrate "proof of concept" or do a breadboard design. The proof is in the production. When I worked in aerospace, the projects I liked best were taking navigation systems from the prototype stage into successful production. I am proud to be an inventor with nine US patents and several "company private" inventions. I like to design assembly systems and processes that are rugged, that work reliably.
I joined BFK Solutions just over a decade ago. Initially, part of me thought critical cleaning was unintelligible, something based in manufacturing mythology. Then, Barbara got me involved in editing the first edition of "Handbook for Critical Cleaning." Her actual words were: "If you don't help me edit this thing, I'm going to toss the computer with the manuscript out the window." To avoid an unplanned capital expenditure, I began reading. I realized, critical cleaning actually is like rocket science. It's rational; it can be explained to others. As a teacher, I enjoy helping you understand critical cleaning and seeing you achieve truly effective manufacturing.

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