Cleaning “Street Smarts” for Your Employees

Education provides the “fast track” to avoiding or solving many manufacturing problems. BFK Solutions provides you with plentiful educational opportunities; some of them are free, like our monthly e-newsletter, Clean Source.  We are always pleased to hear people of both genders tell us that they want to be a ‘cleaning lady’ at their job, because it shows they understand the importance of critical product cleaning.

Even if you don’t want to be a cleaning lady, you and your company will benefit from our educational activities, because an appreciation of critical cleaning is essential for quality, profitable product manufacturing.  We are convinced that education is better than training.  Training is one-way, static, and seems to be predicated on the idea that workers must be told exactly what to do, no more no less.  Sure, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and process specs are essential.  However, given the complexity of manufacturing, it is not enough to train employees, they also have to have enough knowledge of the process to alert you to problems before they become product failures.  We suggest you educate your employees and also educate yourself.  Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg are good teachers; we train and educate employees; and we teach manufacturing “street smarts.”

Workshops, Presentations
Public Workshops
BFK Solutions regularly conducts educational seminars and workshops. Some of our programs for trade associations are free, or very low in cost. Check our website or newsletter for upcoming programs.

We conduct seminars for conferences, agencies, and educational institutions.  We particularly like programs that are “live”, because it’s easier to communicate, to get to the nitty gritty of your issues if we can see your bright and shining faces.  The workshops often include hand-outs designed for the course in question. The “Handbook for Critical Cleaning” is sometimes included in the course materials.

I thought the course was perfect for my needs. It was packed full of useful information. The material was interesting; and it was clearly presented in nice, digestible chunks. Nothing dragged on too long; and there was time to network with my colleagues.

Ian Parry
Business Development Manager
Layton Technologies, a Staffordshire-based Company in the UK
Attendee, One Day Cleaning Course at UCLA

In-house Programs
We provide customized workshops for individual companies. Sometimes, it is more efficient and cost-effective to bring BFK Solutions to your facility.

Teaching Multiple Employees
Where a number of employees need a program relating to critical cleaning, precision cleaning, surface preparation, general cleaning, or regulatory issues, consider having us come to you. This approach avoids the lost time and travel-related expenses associated with transporting large groups of employees to a conference. Also, at your facility, we not only teach your employees, we can also see them in their working environment. This let us provide true on the job education and training. Sometimes, we can head-off small problems before they become unmanageable.

Education, Competition-sensitive Projects
Companies wanting customized programs emphasizing specific topics or issues where competition-sensitive issues are involved or where problems have to be hashed out. Another advantage is that with in-house seminars, we can tailor the content to your specific needs, including topics that you specifically request.
I have used your seminar (CD) numerous times since your seminar and found it very useful.

Michael Lathrop
Senior Materials Scientist
GE Healthcare

Audits, Failure Analysis, Trouble-Shooting
Sometimes solving problems are the best time to learn about critical cleaning. Having an education program as part of a problem-solving expedition to your company can help to solve an immediate crisis in a more effective manner. The insight and education we give your employees can help you avoid future emergencies - often, we can teach you how to fix problems yourself. Audits are a necessary part of process acceptance, validation and monitoring. By the way, BFK Solutions prefers the term ‘site visit,’ because it keeps employees from running away in terror. If we find problems, a well-placed educational program can often get employees on the right track.

Web programs, electronic communication
Sometimes it is not feasible or practical to get all the necessary people in the same room. Even within a company, web programs can be the most expeditious approach to resolving problems, especially where several sites are attempting to coordinate schedules and travel plans. We fashion web-based programs and work with you to keep the communication and instruction clear, customized, and to the point.

Let's plan a program.