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June 2017

Exponential Rinsing

Question: Why should you consider using multiple rinse tanks? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to build one big rinse tank? Won’t automation and parts handling be easier with one tank? Wouldn’t the cleaning process run faster? Before we answer this… Let’s review product cleaning during manufacturing. Soil is matter out of place; […]
April 2017

Do You Have to Test?

One Clean Source reader asked a question about the need to run cleanliness testing. “Have you ever written an article that explains why/not ionic contamination testing is required if using no-clean fluxes?” In a global sense, the question is related to: How clean is clean enough? When do you need […]
March 2017

Does Cleaning Experience Mean Inertia?

In a recent LinkedIn post, one of our colleagues, Randy Leighty, comments that “experience is a great teacher, but it can be an obstacle to innovation and continuous improvement.”  We ask: Is experience inherently an obstacle to improvement? Let’s start with a round of applause for inertia! Critical cleaning involves […]