Feature Article

May 2024

The Kauri-Butanol Number – Unconventional Wisdom

It would be terrific to have a numerical comparison of how effective various cleaning agents are at removing soils. Can you pick a single number to choose the best cleaning agent? Manufacturers have come to rely on the Kauri-Butanol (Kb) number as an indication of cleaning agent strength. Suppliers of […]
January 2020

Two Terrifying Cleaning Questions

(This article originally appeared in the January 2020 issue of Clean Source Newsletter) We were helping a client set up cleaning evaluations at a provider of cleaning equipment; and the client received a questionnaire asking for details. The first question: what manufacturing steps occur before the cleaning process to be […]
September 2019

Soprano or Bass—What Ultrasonic Frequency to Use? Part 2: Being TACTful

As a professional in product cleaning, you probably have encountered the acronym TACT. The letters represent four key facets for effective cleaning, Temperature, Action, Chemistry, and Time. Action is the facet usually associated with ultrasonics. In Part 1, we focused on cleaning action and the relationship to frequency. However, ultrasonic […]