Barbara Kanegsberg

September 2020

Critical Cleaning and Sedimentary Rock

Cleaning processes tend to build up; one layer of cleaning is added to another. The overall cleaning process becomes something that resembles sedimentary rock (or, to the surface of the desk of the Rocket Scientist). Recently, a manufacturing engineer involved in optics fabrication, called to brainstorm and, frankly, to vent. (I am referring to the individual as he – the […]
June 2020

Max Sever – Cleaning, Communication, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering

As an intern at BFK Solutions, Max Sever was instrumental in putting together many of the cleaning studies and demonstrations for BFK Solutions and for the Product Quality Cleaning Workshops (PQCW). He’s a student of mechanical engineering who understands chemistry and can actually communicate! “I may start my own business – eventually,” Max says. “Another thing I learned working alongside […]
May 2020

Cleaning Perspective– parts2clean, Part I

Successful manufacturers make it a point to look at cleaning options from new perspectives. They picture how those options can improve production – whether or not they plan an immediate change in critical product cleaning. There are lots of ways to gain new perspectives, including actual travel to programs, webinars, and virtual travel. This past fall, we gained inspiration from […]
May 2020

Ethan DeBrosky – Innovation and Adaptability

“I wanted to be a police officer as a kid. I also grew up watching TV crime shows; but wasn’t until high school that I got exposed to science. I got to like it!” Ethan started out as a biology major, then found he “just gravitated toward chemistry – the labs actually interested me.” The next decision was whether to […]
April 2020

Cleaning Work Surfaces

If battling COVID-19 involves new strategies, doing so in a manufacturing environment demands coordinated brilliance. Manufacturers are adding emergency protocols to protect employees, including the way they clean work surfaces. For many manufacturers involved in critical product cleaning, precision cleaning, and surface preparation, the concern is with removing soils that interfere with coating, assembly, or product performance. The soils might […]
April 2020

Alex Lu – Ultrasonic Cleaning and Imagination

Alex Lu, a chemistry major at Sam Houston State University, came from to the U.S. from China six years ago. He explains that “when I graduated from High School, I had two interests: chemistry and physics. I enjoyed chemistry more.” Alex is an innovator, an “imaginator” (if there is such a word). He’ll talk about a new technology he’s heard […]
April 2020

Robin De Vries – Forensics, Raman Spectroscopy, and Adaptability

“I really like puzzles,” says Robin De Vries. Robin, a student at Sam Houston State University and part of the Cleaning Research Group, grew up with shows like Bones and NCIS. She latched onto Forensic Science as a major. She figured: “Great! I can work in a crime lab.” Then, she started to work with Dr. Darren Williams. “I love […]
April 2020

Tanner Volek – Hansen Parameters and Surprising Findings

Would society be better served if more young people went to trade school instead of college? Not necessarily! Tanner Volek, and the world of manufacturing, is benefiting from a practical, applied college education. Tanner has been looking at solvency (does the cleaning agent dissolve the soil?) and powerful cleaning techniques to remove soils from fine tubing. Tanner Volek is a […]
April 2020

Brianna Hickman – Marketing & Event Planning, Human Resources

“I had no idea the field of critical cleaning existed!” Brianna Hickman, Marketing and Event Planning Intern in the Department of Chemistry at Sam Houston State University is “heart and soul, 100% a business major, so everything was new to me. I’d sit in on meetings with people at CRG (the Cleaning Research Group). They would explain everything to me.” […]