We tell you what the market IS, what market growth is likely to be. We show you real opportunities for growth – not hopeful hyperbole. We guide our clients toward successful product introduction and expansion.

We work with you on a contractual, project basis, not on the basis of sales, commissions or referral fees. Our firmno-commission policy prevents conflicts of interest; and it helps us help you.  Because we don’t accept commissions or referral fees and because we have an encompassing outside perspective, BFK Solutions is in a unique position to provide an accurate assessment of the performance of your cleaning agent and cleaning equipment, of regulatory hurdles, and of actual customer performance requirements and impressions.

Some fields we work in

Aqueous cleaning agents
Solvents and solvent blends
Janitorial surface cleaners
Chemical additives
Aqueous cleaning equipment
Solvent cleaning solvent cleaning equipment
Distillation equipment
Monitoring Systems

Examples of BFK Solutions activities

Analyze relative competitive positions
Evaluate cleaning efficacy (testing, customer evaluations)
Review customer specifications
Review specifications/standards requirements
Evaluate toxicity and environmental studies
Evaluate the regulatory climate
Develop marketing strategies
Obtain formulation/packaging, and distribution partners
Review patents, defend intellectual property
Train and brainstorm with employees, including consultative sales
Develop technical presentations that help your customers