Complex surfaces are difficult to clean. Ed Kanegsberg, “The Rocket Scientist,” likes to explain that as products become smaller and smaller, the surface becomes the product.  BFK Solutions has helped manufacturers to successfully clean product with:

“Delicate” materials of construction
Some substrates, like certain polymers and light metals, require care to avoid oxidation or other substrate damage during cleaning and assembly. Ed and Barbara Kanegsberg have had extensive experience in setting up processes that achieve effective soil removal while avoiding materials compatibility issues.

Multiple materials of construction
Even if no material in the product being assembled is inherently delicate, cleaning and assembling product that includes glass, assorted metals, polymers, and composites can be difficult. At BFK Solutions, we have had decades of experience in avoiding discoloration and materials compatibility problems for products with multiple materials of construction.

Micro and Nano Products
Smaller products tend to mean more cleaning challenges. We have helped many clients manufacturing miniature, micro, and nano products. 

Complex Shape
Some products, like honeycomb, have very high surface area. We have the expertise to design reproducible processes. We also help with situations where surfaces may inherently adsorb solvent.

3D Printed Parts
BFK Solutions is active in the evolving field of 3D printing. Particularly with parts based on metal powder, many 3D printed parts have unique cleaning challenges. We help clients achieve, validate, and monitor practical processes that meet regulatory and mission-critical requirements.

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