Barbara and Edward Kanegsberg

June 2015

Ultrasonics – Be a little like Ferris Bueller

Adapted and updated from: Steve Norris, Barbara Kanegsberg, and Ed Kanegsberg, “Ferris and Ultrasonics,” SPRAYTIME Magazine, 2014 Remember the classic ‘80’s movie, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”? Ferris challenged authority. If you want to clean a complicated part or component, you can’t just toss it in the ultrasonic tank using the […]
February 2015

Handling Chemicals Safely

Most manufactured objects require chemicals during build and assembly processes. In nearly all instances, workers handle chemicals. As critical cleaning consultants, we frequently observe chemical use during cleaning operations. We see a wide range of practices when it comes to handling chemicals  – some of those practices are problematic. No […]
January 2015

The value of educated employees

Education is essential for your business. Training workers to follow instructions for the cleaning process is not enough. Employees from technicians to supervisors to middle and upper management all need to be educated about critical cleaning.  As far as we know, critical cleaning is not taught at the university level.  […]
July 2014

SUR/FIN on a Tsunami

There is a positive  “sea change” of growing optimism in the product surface finishing industry. At the recent SUR/FIN conference, rather than the attitude “alas, there’s a whale sitting on me, I’m stuck under water, what can I do?” we heard, “oh!, there’s a whale sitting on me, so I’m […]