Optics fabrication can be an infuriating experience. Very small changes in acids, process chemicals, and even batch to batch variability in glass can compromise surface quality and product performance. Too often, process parameters must be changed; this makes monitoring and control difficult to say the least. 

BFK Solutions has the experience and knowledge to help clients with successful cleaning, deblocking, surface characterization, and contamination control for precision optics production. 

Our projects address areas that include:

• Assessing batch to batch variability of glass

• Minimizing variability of acids and other process chemicals

• Selecting/modifying blocking agents (eg. pitches, waxes, rosins, synthetic materials)

• Matching blocking and deblocking agents

• Determining root causes of failure

• Monitoring process baths

• Controlling air quality, both particulates and AMC

• Collaborating with safety and environmental professionals

• Monitoring process performance, including use of witness samples

• Selecting and interpreting techniques to determine surface quality

• Selecting appropriate analytical tests for speciation

• Interpreting test results

• Educating and training engineers, technicians, and operator

• Cleaning of metals and other materials associated with final assembly

• Evaluating product handling techniques

• Evaluating supply chain strategy and specific supplier performance

• Assessing proposed cleanroom/non-cleanroom designs for new facilities

While it may relieve stress, expletives won’t fix the problems with optics!  We have helped many many manufacturers.

Feel free to contact BFK Solutions to discuss your optics fabrication and assembly issues.