Getting the right surface properties for metal parts depends on the metal, the lubricants and rouges, the surface treatment, the assembly processes, and the end-use requirements of the product. The right cleaning process is essential. 

At BFK Solutions, we have experience and expertise in cleaning metals and alloys at all stages of the manufacturing process. We provide consulting services at all levels of the supply chain. We evaluate the process flow and cleaning processes starting with initial forging, drawing, and stamping through final assembly and packaging.  The products range from miniature parts, where hundreds may fit in the palm of our hand to parts that require heavy equipment to lift. 

Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg, “The Cleaning Lady and The Rocket Scientist” work on metal cleaning projects that include:

Contract manufacturers
Surface preparation prior to coating
Final assembly
Environmental/safety regulatory requirements
Medical Devices
3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing

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