The need for cleaning is increasing.

Densely-populated assemblies, assemblies with low standoff, and assemblies with high-value, critical end-use requirements require defluxing and removal of other contaminants. “No clean” (low residue) fluxes and OA fluxes must be removed to assure continuous performance in high-reliability products.

The higher reflow temperatures associated with lead-free fluxes makes defluxing even more challenging. Electronics assemblies that are incorporated into high-value products, including those for medical, military, and aeronautics applications require higher standards for defluxing, contamination control, and materials compatibility. 

At BFK Solutions, we work with all parts of the supply chain, including components manufacturers, electronics assemblers, and final product assemblers, to assure that post-defluxing and final product assembly are conducted successfully.  We determine appropriate monitoring and cleanliness testing for our clients to assure that quality and performance standards are met or surpassed.

Examples of projects that BFK Solutions has worked on:

Weapons systems
New solvent blends
Contract assembly
Conformal Coatings – Outgassing and Particles
Professional activities, electronics assemblies

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