Brianna Hickman – Marketing & Event Planning, Human Resources

“I had no idea the field of critical cleaning existed!” Brianna Hickman, Marketing and Event Planning Intern in the Department of Chemistry at Sam Houston State University is “heart and soul, 100% a business major, so everything was new to me. I’d sit in on meetings with people at CRG (the Cleaning Research Group). They would explain everything to me.”

Brianna started working with CRG after she met Dr. Williams while job searching. She explains that “it was unique working with technical people.”  She sees value in the experience in preparing for a career in business. “When you work in HR, you work with all different kinds of people in different operating units. All of them are working toward a common goal.”

While Brianna says she picked her Human Resources major by chance, she took a practical, one could even say a scientific approach. “I’m a first-generation college student. I went to a really small high school and worked with my high school academic councilor. I looked at my skills, interests, did research on what jobs were out there. I thought HR would be a good fit. I loved it.”

I asked Brianna what’s next on her career path. “This is an interesting question. With the pandemic, I don’t have a clue. I want to stay in HR, possibly in recruiting; but opportunities for interns are closing off. Plan B is grad school. I would do that anyway; but I wanted to get experience under my belt. If I go to grad school right away, I’ll continue to learn and grow. I’ll probably get a masters in Business Administration, in case I don’t want to always stay in HR.”

As manufacturing moves forward, I hope Brianna decides to continue to work with technical people. We need people like her to help us communicate and coordinate!

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